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2.0.6 hits PTRs: small nerfs for Priests and Hunters, nerfs and buffs for Mages {WoW}

Jan 21st 2007 3:03PM I have a 60 Holy PvP+PvE priest and a 60 mage and a 60 warrior. To hear of anything but buffs to both my mage and priest continues to remind me why I won't play this game. It's sad because I've been waiting for my server queues to return to something sensible (less than 1000), and now this happens... While minor changes, they are just another slap in the face...

Mage Notes: My mage has +598dmg and is regularly the number 1 killer/damage dealer in battle grounds.

My mage who is the absolute worst solo PvP class (well maybe except for my warrior), just got his damage reduced while getting returned to the pre-nerf state of patch 2.0 (with CounterSpell). Don't get me wrong, I understand this is a PvE nerf but taking between 60-800 damage off of my frostbolts (depending on conditions/buffs/cooldowns being used), is pretty bad for a class that relies on doing huge burst damage or risk getting 1-3 shotted.

If Blizzard plans to reduce the Burst damage dealers, only way of killing in PvP, then they need to give the mage other options. While people are happy about the return of CounterSpell to a useful state, it is actually nothing but a return to a place where Mages are still one of the worst solo PvP classes. Take our dmg away, but give us more utility. Or just let us have our reign as top damage dealers without a nerf that scales as your gear gets better...

Circle of Healing or Circle of Terrible? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2007 11:43PM I have a 60 mage/warrior/priest and spec'd them to be their most useful in a raid.

As blizzard has said time and again, is that they want our talent choices to be difficult ones to make.

As my mage this was VERY difficult.

As my warrior, this was a no brainer as I wanted him to be a tank (sadly the optionss for warriors are very slim if they actually want to be able to hold agro).

As my priest, I tried out deep holy and found it to be too costly. The discipline tree is a must for priests if they want longevity, because that is what being a priest is all about. Priests are the raids healers for the duration while druids and shaman are there to patch heal and save someones ass when they take a huge crit. So what do priests get for their deep holy talent? "Circle of out of mana, and everybody is still dead". That's what we got. The talent doesn't heal for enough and it costs too much mana.

Mana to HP efficency:
In the xpac, all classes are going to get HUGE buffs to their stamina... When a mage will have 8k hp, I can only imagine the numbers warriors/warlock will be having. What does this mean for healers? We're gonna need a lot more mana to keep people alive... Take circle of healing, at rank 5 we will be spending 600 mana to heal aproximatly 1000hp (Assuming about +1000healing hear). Cast circle of healing when holy concentration isn't proccing and I will be OOM insanely fast.

All that being said, is it a good talent? Sure it's good, in very few situations. But it really doesn't apply to being a priest. As a priest I need to be able to keep the Main Tank up and to do that I need powerful heals and more mana regen. My suggestion would be:

1. Something similar to "Hazza'rah's Charm of Healing". Increase the speed of our big heals and reduce their mana cost for 15-20seconds. 3minute cooldown.

*Or activates your regen as if you were out of combat. for the next 30seconds your mana will regen as if you were out of combat. During this time all healing spells have their mana cost reduced 5%.

This would be my first option as a priests main duty is to heal for the duration of every fight...

2. A powerful instant cast heal. Either make it a long cooldown (3-5min), and heal for the amount/mana cost of a greater heal... Or since I love my druids and want them to continue to be unique and powerful healers I would suggest a short cooldown but extremly expensive spell ("casts greater heal instantly, but at 3 times the cost")

3. Circle of healing, but let me get waaaay out of the way. Make it 60yards and I can finally heal in safty (until I'm quickly OOM) in PvP. The range on the current one is decent, but a mage/hunter can still nail me if I'm healing a warrior that's pwning them add 50% more range and now we have a useful talent.

4. "Far heal" take the above idea but make it single target. Make this spell similar to flash heal, but have it heal at 50% the range.

I like this idea because it would actually be a spell useful for PvP, and we all know that priests are already doing their best to be max distance and hiding in some bush or out of sight in some way, now we'll actually give them a way to heal and stay un-noticed (because once they are, they are mostly defenseless)

Blizzard announces level 70 PvP weapon rewards {WoW}

Jan 5th 2007 1:38PM I have a Mage/Priest

The staff is the only lvl 70 item that requires AV tokens... Kind of lame for people who like staffs.

As a healer in Battlgrounds and Instances, I was hoping for some nice healing gear (like the HWL mace)... Sadly it looks as if I'll have to do Arean for that...