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Top 5 reasons all Rogues should pickpocket {WoW}

May 22nd 2007 10:55PM It would just be nice to get something other than basic supplies, garbage & light coin. It just doesn't make it very interesting. After 50 stone sundial watches, the novelty wears off.

The speculation begins... again {WoW}

Jan 16th 2007 6:03PM Actually I'd like to see what someone mentioned in an article a while back.

Actual Warcraft, towns & cities that can change hands based on player battles. Being able to actually affect the world on your server & possibly have the Alliance control Orgrimar & vice versa. So when the encampment gets raided, It's a raid with a purpose.

I see the current expansion as pretty, but just more of the same we have now, new skills & more quests, a new area & new items & armor. Basically, just more of the same game. A good game & thankfully expanded upon, but the same.

With the exception of Arena battles, Good Work Blizz & I pray for a Good Super Brawl.

Forum Post of the Day: Will you miss 40-man raids? {WoW}

Jan 7th 2007 2:34AM Well I started playing about a year ago & joined a guild that my friends started. They're pretty die hard & play all the time. I'm more of a casual player, I play once or twice a week on average. I've got a 60 but I'm barely into decent gear.

Even in a guild of good real live friends, I never get to go on the raids because I can't devote 5 nights a week to WoW. When it comes time to raid there's a line around the corner of more devoted players & sliding me in instead can't really be justified.

My guild is looking at running more raids more often post-BC because it's easier to collect 25 people. More casual players will actually get to run an MC once in a while & raiding won't be as strictly scheduled.

I for one am grateful that Blizzard is moving away from the LCD addicted so easily ruling their virtual world. I pay the same price they do each month, but get less game time out of it & on top of that, get run over in BG's by 12 year olds who couldn't pick a football out of a 4 ball lineup. It's no secret that Blizz has in the past rewarded constant gaming in WoW. The systems in place all pushed for a 24hr character if you wanted to be on top. Obviously more practice & playtime will still result in a tougher character, but now Blizzard isn't punishing the casual player at the same time.