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Wing Clip as weapon leveler {WoW}

Jan 28th 2008 3:07PM You could do that as a hunter, but I prefer to take out the first 90% by finding a mob with lotsa hps and low dmg about 8-10 levels lower than me... turn off all my pet dmg abilities (claw/bite/etc), turn on growl, get a gray/white version of the weapon and attack and go watch a show. Your pet will last a long time... even longer if its beastmastery with spirit bond (passive healing).

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 7:56PM Woot! free stuff!

Jarl Lagercoaster the Dwarven Notebook.

Will name changes let ninjas run free? {WoW}

Oct 28th 2007 5:44PM I definitely agree that the ignore list should be bigger (same with the friends list). My friends list filled up long ago and I just try to keep them all in a custom channel so i can see when they're on (but it still isn't mail friendly with my mods).

As to the contrived scenario where someone changes their name and approaches you without you knowing its the same person... That would still exist if they created another character on the same account... I don't really think thats an issue.

PTR Notes: New Arena weapons, Fanatacism tweak, Hunter dead zone {WoW}

Oct 25th 2007 3:40PM OK, to all those who whine about the hunter deadzone change.

I understand that it makes sense not to be able to effectively shoot a gun at someone who is hitting you with a sword.


Does it really make sense that if a mage is standing just too far away for me to swing a sword at and has frozen my feet to the ground... would i really not shoot at them? C'mon.

Breakfast Topic: Daily Quest design {WoW}

Oct 12th 2007 4:14PM @5: I really like that idea, although historically Bliz has a pretty small percentage of stuff that only one class can do (but something daily would make it more worth the effort for them).
It could reward some class-specific buff (flask / DM-tribute-style buff / single-use item ).
Could have a few different class-specific choices each rewarding some gold and a token.. then when you've gotten a token from each of the daily choices, you could turn it in for some other repeatable quest reward, maybe.

rofl @13

And ofc there should be a daily to follow around behind fei fei cleaning up any messes.

BigRedKitty: Gear Up for Karazhan {WoW}

Sep 12th 2007 10:59PM ... oh yeah and Felfury gauntlets rock, too

BigRedKitty: Gear Up for Karazhan {WoW}

Sep 12th 2007 10:57PM I understand leaving out the non-AH pieces for the point of this article, but if you're focusing on the AH, then i'd include some of the expensive ones as well...

Vengeance Wrap ( is one of the best hunter cloaks in the game (and better than anything that drops in Kara... except shade's cloak, and only then if you're short on hit rating).

Wouldn't hurt to throw in some of the non-instance-based quest rewards at the end as an alternative for people to consider as well (especially for the pieces that don't have a good purchasing option):
Core of Ar'kelos (Quest Reward)
Bladefist's Breadth (Quest Reward)
Naliko's Revenge (Quest Reward)
Natasha's Choker (Quest Reward)
Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight (Quest Reward)

Shoulders are definitely trickier:
(non-group quest) Sylvanaar Defender's Pauldrons

(group quest) Skybreaker's Mantle
(group quest) Earthmender's Crimson Spaulders

Fishing and fun (or the lack thereof) {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 3:52PM Why is it that I can shoot a monster with a gun from 30yds away with 95% accuracy, but can't cast a line into 4ft circle from < 1ft away with any kind of accuracy? If I missed with my gun as often as I have to recast the line fishing, I'd have to go back to deadmines. Surely 480 fishing should give you that at least.

A spec guide for classes that aren't yours {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 4:29PM >> (BM) They Can't: Raid quite as well as other Hunters
BM hunters can pile on raid damage (and have a nice all-damage party buff).... and they do it with a built in salvation (the last Gruul run my pet did 27% of my 780 dps... thats _37%_ (1/.73) more damage (for my portion to hit 100% total) I can do without pulling (on the off chance a resisted feign kept me too high on threat)).

>> (BM) and their pet doesn't do well under AoE
In 2.1, Blizzard added an 'Avoidance' skill specifically to handle that (which any raiding pet should have)... Reduces the damage your pet takes from area of effect attacks by an additional 50%.

>> (MM) Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot work well in raiding situations also.
Those are both extremely powerful PvP skills with extremely little raid utility. If you're fighting mobs that can be CC'd then you can sometimes Scatter to keep a priest from getting smashed before they're reCC'd (but this is a very small case). Some raid fights v casters require an interrupt, but they're immune to silence effects (such as silencing shot)... the rest can't be interrupted or silenced. Probably, there is a raid fight out there that I haven't seen yet where you'd use silencing shot, but not enough that I'd say it is _useful_.

>> (frostmages) as the threat problems that Fire mages suffer from are easily handled by Iceblock.
That is the first time I've ever heard Iceblock described as a threat management tool for raiding. Did you type that with a straight face?

Breakfast topic: Legendary bad pulls {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 3:25PM The funniest one that I've seen was one that my wife was in. They were in a Shadow Labs group and they had some huntard who they'd finally gotten fed up with and kicked from the group. She asked me to login and fly out to help them out. While I was flying out there and before the huntard was ported from the instance he decided to leave them with the little gift of pulling the boss.

They were on Grandmaster Vorpil and took off running for the entrance as soon as they saw the pull. So, about 40 seconds into running for the entrance, they all got teleported back to his pedestal and they took off for the entrance again. Obviously, this strategy didn't work so well.

I think they could've kept it up until I got there, but I'd hate to think of how many VWs there'd be by then. After like the 3rd teleport, I convinced her to stop running, heh.