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Totem Talk: The Endangered Shaman {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 1:59PM I think the biggest issue I have with my shammy (currently 54) is that it is just so boring to play her. I know I should just suck it up and get to 58 to start getting outland gear, but even then its not that much fun. Elemental has basically 2 dmg spells and nothing really unique to the class except the occaisionally cool Lightning overload. Enhance has Stormstrike, occaisionaly shocks, and WF procs. Whoepedy due.

Then there is resto. This is the spec that to me offers the most varienty in terms of spell casting and utility. Unfortunately, you never really get to enjoy this until you hit 70. GROAN!

I will probably get my shammy to 70 at some point, to enjoy the resto fun, but its going to take awhile.

Officers' Quarters: Reinforcements {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2007 9:09AM This is a post I'd hoped you make on this thread. I just more or less finished taking my guild through this process and then back through it again. So, I have some opinions on in this.

Beyond the simple goal of "someday doing Gruul" is the mentality shift that raiding requires. If you have people that are unwilling to commit to a schedule and are unwilling to do all that is necessary to down a boss then you are going to spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to do new content. So first and foremost, get your own ducks in order.

Recruiting can be done in a variety of means. The important thing to remember is that it is like everything else in this game: great reward comes with great effort. Spamming Chat channels, making forum posts, and other similar tactics are easy, but they also don't get much in terms of results.

If you really want to find good players then do heroic instanc pugs and bring in the class you need as the 5th. Get to know the prospect, learn more about him. Your relationship with this player is very important.

Raiding guilds go through massive attrition. People get burned out, they get impatient, they think they are smarte than the officers because they watched some video on YouTube, etc, etc. 2 Things can hold them together: Progression and/or Friendships. This is probably the most important point I can make. Build your guild up but keep it a strong community of people that like to game with one another. (This isn't easy, sometimes your friends are the slackers metnioend above) Those types or relationships will help you survive when your progression slows down.

My last remark on this topic: As the OP stated, KZ guilds are dime a dozen. rather than compete with all of them and the guilds that are ahead of you who are trying move on, why not merge? IMO this is the best option. You gain 10-15 experienced raiders in exchange for giving up some power.

There are 3 major hurdles in TBC raiding right now: Getting 25 people to Kill Gruul
Progressing Past Gruul
Downing Vashj & Kael

To surpass the 2nd Hurdle you are going to need people that committed to raid schedule and who are willing to be dedicated raiders. Don't lose sight of this. Otherwise you will end up going through this process again.

Breaking News: Casual players hard to define {WoW}

Oct 15th 2007 9:25AM My view of "casual" players are that they are those that are unwilling to do what is necessary to help the guild succeeed at whatever it is doing. To me its a balance between players who want to do everything they can to succeed vs. those that just want to make due with what they have. Eventually the person in the latter category will piss the others off because he is not putting in the same amount of effort as they are.

In raids this is even worse because the guy who is not putting in the effort can actually prevent the raid from succeeding and/or costing them a great deal of gold in consumeables and repair bills.

To me this is the difference between Casual and Non-Casual. My perspective is raiding, but I think the difference between the player who coasts and the player who puts the effort in is the major issue.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Why We War {WoW}

Oct 5th 2007 3:01PM One of my favorite things about my warrior is that the stats on your gear really matter and have an immediate and noticeable effect on your character's performance. Yes, we are gear dependent. We are lucky!

Lets face it, all of the coolest looking weapons and weapon enchants belong to the melee classes. Nothing looks cooler than a whirling buzzsaw of melee carnage that shouts, charges, intercepts, and delivers a frenized beat down while looking awesome with sweet shiny enchants. Your scrolling combat text pukes crits all over your screen and blood flies everywhere. YES PLEASE!

Best of all, your power bar is not energy or mana, IT'S RAGE! Throw in your Last Action Hero CD and turn on Angry Again by Medadeth and then go lay the smack down on the Shade of Aran. Mmm, Delicious!

There is nothing like the Warrior. By far the most fun class in the game.

Why the expansion isn't revolutionary (and why it shouldn't be) {WoW}

Aug 7th 2007 1:21PM To people complaining about the cost. Business is business Blizzard took a risk developing WOW and they were handsomely rewarded for it. They did it again with TBC and more than likely they will take more risks with WOTLK. They deserver to be compensated for taking risks and trying new things, that is why innovation exists. If there were no reward for this, everyone would just do the same thing as everyone else.

This point is good segway into why I think wow dominates this genre so thoroughly. How many MMOs in the past 5 years have come out that have been truly innovative? They each had little things here or there, but for the most part 90% of them are fantasy dragons and swords things designed to stay true to the marekt that WOW has created. This is not innovation or differentiation, it is substitution. Most MMOs are striving to be just that, substitutes for WOW. Chances are good that WOW will continue to destroy these competitors due to it's scale and it's willingness to try different things.

To me a lot of this has to do with gaming companies selling out their creativity in order to not take the risks that true innovation requires.

For all of these reasons I have never really been inclined to try a WOW substitute. What I am really waiting for is an MMO that is truly new. Something different and unique. When a game comes along that is ground breaking and risky then I might consider purchasing it. Until then I am going to stay put and be happy with the wonderful game that is WOW.

Revisiting old Azeroth {WoW}

Jul 20th 2007 8:57AM I am currently laboring through the leveling process of an alt shaman as my raid group desparately needs one and they seem to be in short supply.

Old Azeroth certainly has a nostalgia factor that I would not like to see ruined, but the Experience gain is ridiculously bad. My Shammy cruised through Bloodmyst isle, between those 2 starting zones I think I gained 22 levels. I stayed as long as I could.

By comparison, I am now level 28. I have been to Ashenvale, Redridge, Wetlands, and Duskwood. I have also had to run Deadmines, SFK, and Stockades several times for gear, quests, and XP. I feel like my pace is at least 50% of what it was on Bloodmyst, maybe even less.

If I could make one change it would to increase the XP gain by 100%. People level to get to outland or they level to be a twink. The twink is going to stay at whichever level the player wants it. Everyone else just wants to get to 58. I so hope Blizzard will do something to make getting to Outland a lot easier.

Breakfast Topic: Killing the lore {WoW}

Jul 12th 2007 8:45AM Actually it probably has more to do with "threat" than anything else. No one would beat most bosses if the AI used the player tactic of killing the healer first.

Or in more fun terms: "Kill the one in the Dress!"

The fastest class to level with? {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 8:54AM Warlocks are one of the fastest classes to level, especially Affliction. DOTs, pet dmg, Drain Life, and Dark Pact make for nearly limitless mana and health. The big key to this is managing a warlock's mana inefficiency. If you use the abilities in the proper sequence you can literally just keep on killing.

Breakfast Topic: Spec for yourself, or for the guild? {WoW}

Jun 18th 2007 9:50AM I recently went through a major guild split due to the casual vs. raiding issue. #4 makes a great point regarding the fact that people who join a casual guild that is raiding may in fact be joining to raid. This is why my guild split. The officers were deadset on forcing a casual atmosphere and in the process alienated the raiders. So we left.

As far as specs, I think the required spec thing is rather outrageous. There are only a few specs that are truly limiting to PVE. I lead the raids in my new raiding guild and we make great use of offspec classes like B00mkin and DPS warriors. My view on spec is that it determines your raid role. You want to go Ret Pally? Fine. You are competing with Rogues, Enh Shammy, and DPS warriors for the Melee spots. Can you do as much DPS as those classes? If you show me that you can, then by all means, crank out the DPS. If you can't, don't get mad at me for taking the Combat Sword Rogue over you.

Ask WoW Insider: Best class loot lists? {WoW}

May 25th 2007 3:37PM Kaliban's site will give you the detail on the loot, but it won't tell you the best way to itemize. If you really want to know what the theoretical max for your class is then you need to go to

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