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Joyswag: Suit up for Monday Night Combat [update: giveaway closed] {Joystiq}

Aug 11th 2010 2:18PM After going about 2 years not eating bacon (a travesty, I am well aware) I decided one day that I should go on a bacon gorgefest which really just involved me, 2 pounds of bacon and multiple mouthgasms.

Engadget's CES giveaway: win an Engadget t-shirt! {Engadget}

Jan 9th 2010 3:30AM I would look so great in that shirt.

Joyswag: 1 year of Xbox Live Gold & a pile of XBLA games [update] {Joystiq}

Dec 23rd 2009 5:06PM I was going to wait for after the holidays for Braid, but its 2.50 on steam right now!

I will probably get pinnacle station though.

VIDEO: That's a Wrap! Ferrari F430 Spider gets the vinyl treatment {Autoblog Archive}

Dec 6th 2009 6:42PM I think these guys are more obsessive about covering cars than autoblog...

Swag Saturday: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (360/PS3) [update] {Joystiq}

Aug 2nd 2009 2:49PM I would turn into a wheelchair so my friends would never fall again!

Engadget's recession antidote: win an insane grab bag of random stuff! {Engadget}

Jun 22nd 2009 12:20PM I didn't skim and now I'm confused :X

# Winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will receive one Microsoft gaming pack.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Paradigm Cinema 70 CT surround system! {Engadget}

Mar 23rd 2009 1:31PM I desire to destroy my hearing with these.

Joyswag: Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 Elite Bundle {Joystiq}

Mar 11th 2009 5:23PM It doesn't make sense that you can move a foot while walking. You should have to stand still to lift the foot and then move it forward and repeat.

Walking is so unrealistic.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Nokia N85! {Engadget}

Mar 6th 2009 12:31PM My razr is so beaten up :(