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Phat Loot Phursday: Onyxia Scale Cloak {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 11:44PM @Savant2k: It was changed to 5 days in patch 1.9. From what I can tell, it looks like it was 6 days before. That's based on reading historical pages from November of 2005 on WoWWiki. That makes it 2-4 months on the 6 day lockout, not the 2.5 to 5 months I originally said.

I was a hunter. I stood in the back. I could see everyone. I loved looking out over the raid, everyone in the same cloak.

Phat Loot Phursday: Onyxia Scale Cloak {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 9:33PM Yes only once a week, no not nearly a year. Skinning Onyxia would give two to four scales per kill (as Euan said). That'd make 2.5 to 5 months. It'd take you that long to get everyone geared up from Molten Core (remember, 40 people need those drops, and there wasn't a token system yet, so once all your warlocks (of which it seemed you'd have about 2) had their Felheart, any more Felheart that dropped was wasted chances for others to gear.

Progression was slow and challenging back then. My hunter will never sell or disenchant her epics from those days.

Win one of five TCG codes today on WoW Insider {WoW}

May 19th 2009 10:00AM Hi there. Want stuff. Thanks. :)

Breakfast Topic: Should the girlfriend play WoW? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 9:20AM First off, I'm late to the game. I haven't read all the comments. Oh well.

Second off, I'm female. My boyfriend plays WoW. We started playing at about the same time (I was two days after him, I think). We had a lot of friends who played before us and helped out the both of us.

So that should give you an idea as to my perspective. Now for the comment! :)

I don't understand why it's your responsibility to give her gold to buy her epic flyer. Maybe a loan - maybe - but you shouldn't have to worry about that just because she plays. She should be responsible for herself in game.

That's not to say you shouldn't help her. Giving her advice would be huge. One of our "experienced" friends followed my first character around for the first... Well, not quite 10 levels, I think. He just followed me around and explained how each thing I was trying to do worked. He didn't give me anything when I was starting. My friends didn't even run me through instances except for the occasional rare trip. I was given a loan for my first mount, but I paid it back in full in less than two weeks. I've since given out loans, too (and even to the very people who gave me that first loan). We help each other out when we can, but there's no obligation to. There's no "worrying" about whether or not you can help someone else without impacting your play.

If she's interested in playing the game for the game's sake, if she's interested in working toward her goals herself, then don't hold her back. Let her make her own decision about it. Set the standard, from the beginning, that giving her things in game are gifts, not obligations. If you were to give her money for epic flying, it'd be as a gift, not as an obligation. If you didn't give it (even if you had the money sitting around at the time), you shouldn't feel guilty. If she wants to play, and doesn't want her hand held the entire time, then it won't necessarily mean gloom and doom. But if she's going to expect you to be her in-game keeper, it'll be a burden to you and it could become a source of bitterness between you two.

Breakfast Topic: Is the Zombie event too PvP for PvE? {WoW}

Oct 24th 2008 9:31AM @Korenwolf

Interesting to me that you're having these issues. I have some lowbies on a PvE realm, and I'm not having troubles with them. I did have a hordie who was mangled a few times by the zombies as she went through Crossroads, but a Barrens-level hordie could go to Ghostlands or Silverpine Forrest to level, which I've found rather dead (and not zombie-wise) on the PvE realms I'm on.

Perhaps your realms are worse than mine. But my experience has shown the zombie invasion to be pretty benign, so far.

Addon Spotlight: OSX Me Up {WoW}

Oct 10th 2008 9:43AM I wouldn't go as far as Pudds, but... I do not use the Dock. I'm an avid OS X user - it's my preferred desktop OS. But I use Spotlight or Quicksilver (click the Quicksilver tab) for application launching. Like Pudds, I wouldn't voluntarily install the Dock anywhere else.

Breakfast Topic: Why is this hard? {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 9:11AM Matthew, I don't know if you're still reading the comments or not. I can't be bothered to sort through the ranting to see what's been said and what hasn't, so I may be repeating something. But, just in case...

If you would like to learn to play your hunter "properly," may I make a suggestion? Level a mage. Not necessarily all the way to max level, but for a while. Learn to kite on the mages. Then, come back to the hunter and identify the skills that could help you kite and, while you're at it, grab zhuntermod (or something similar) so you can track when your autoshots will go off.

I say this as someone who's first 60 (before TBC) was a hunter, who's second 70 was a hunter, who has more hunters at various levels than she wants to think about, but who didn't learn to kite on her hunter until she played a mage. It didn't really "click" for me until I was such a squishy class that really needed to kite. Suddenly, I understood the importance, and I found myself kiting on my hunter without really realizing I was doing it. "Crap, it's close, where's wing clip?" Now, with ZHunterMod allowing me to pause my strafe just in time for an autoshot to fire, I don't need to bother with jumpshots to kite mobs effectively.

At this point, I have at least one level 50 of each class. My "strongest" classes are the hunter, druid, and warlock. My "weakest" are rogues and warriors. I am adjusting my talents and gear to my playstyle, and my playstyle to my talents and gear, on those two classes, and they are becoming less of a chore for me. Still, the lack of heals on either bothers me.

What's wrong with leveling? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2008 9:02AM I, too, have a character of each class. I have at least one character of every class to level 50, I have two 70s, a 67, and a 60. My three "above 60" characters were all at level 60 before Burning Crusade was released. I raided regularly, with my 60 hunter as my main and my 60 druid as my alt. The druid spent time in MC, and the hunter in BWL and AQ40, along with some time in Naxx.

I do not PvP. I've done a bit of it, and it's not my thing. It's not that I'm not competitive - I race my car in real life - It's that I do not like the combination of competition and anonymity that WoW's PvP allows.

You're absolutely right that the playstyle is different from class to class. Some classes are similar, and some have more variety built into the class, but each class has its own traits. For those of us who enjoy leveling, enjoying exploring these differences can make for a very enjoyable, fun game.

WoW is so very successful because it allows so many different desires, playstyles, etc. to be fulfilled, all in the same game. Some of us like raiding - the huge, complex bosses and the big rewards. Some like PvP - the challenge of an unscripted fight with intelligence controlling the other side. And some of us like to find our own little corner of the game and do our own thing. No one set of goals is right or wrong.

Poll: How many 70s do you have? {WoW}

Jun 25th 2008 3:07PM Currently two level 70s, two different classes (druid first, hunter second). I have a third character, of a third class (priest), at level 66. I also have a 60 paladin and a 50 of each other class. I have a second hunter to 43, but she's stagnant.