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Breakfast topic: Not tonight, honey, I have a raid {WoW}

Apr 18th 2007 1:27PM 'Turns out that raiding wasn't for us, too much time committment and way too high of a stress level on the raid leaders. (those of you who are raid leaders know what I mean)'


In my last relationship (of three years) my g/f was not really a gamer. She had a PS2 but it only saw the light of day every other month, and her selection of PC games was lamentable but she was getting more and more interested in WoW before we broke up.

She'd started a character on my account a couple of months before we split and has since bought the game. She's now happily playing away on a server with some friends of hers (we're still friendly, but her University friends were already established on another realm).

I will agree that WoW has neither a positive or negative inherant effect on a relationship. It totally depends on a) the people involved and b) how much time either party invests in it. I know it really annoyed my ex when I'd have to spend Saturday afternoons raiding! If your partner is the jealous type they could see WoW as direct competition for your attention but many will just see it as a hobby, many others will be interested enough in it to give it a whirl.

I am totally jealous of all you husband/wife 2v2 teams by the way! Kudos to you.

PTR notes: Johnny McWeaksauce wants you to have T5 {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 7:41AM More than likely because more people are used to dealing with AFKshot Huntards. I'm lucky enough to have excellent Hunters in my Guild who are a real asset to every group they end up in. If you think Hunters are a useless class for raids then I'd recommend you boot your current ones and get new ones in.

Under development page updated with new end-game content {WoW}

Apr 10th 2007 9:00PM @ Everyone who's complaining about casuals getting all the content:

Did you all just skip over the bit of the Development page where it states The Black Temple is being opened in the same patch as all this solo / 5 man content? Because I'm sure new raid content that will, going on current patterns, require Hyjal and all other raids cleared before becoming accessible is totally tailor-made for Mr. and Mrs. Casual who can play 2 hours a day between coming in from work and putting the kids to bed.

And have you all cleared Hyjal already? If not, then get back to progressing before whining about needing more content. Jeez.

Breakfast Topic: Favorite off-spec {WoW}

Feb 17th 2007 11:06PM @24

I realise that many players out there aren't informed about the Warrior class and the problems therin, and thus seem to come out with replies that seem to imply all we care about is the fact that other classes can tank now. I know they're annoying, you know they're annoying. But telling people to 'shut up' doesn't seem like the way to make friends, or inform people of the issues, to me :]

@ Warriors in general

The nerfs and tweaks we recieved previous to and post BC have certainly reduced the power of our class relative to the gear we have atm (i.e. not phat epix), especially compared to the buffs that various others recieved. But at the moment we're in danger of becoming the Rogues (ala World of Roguecraft) of the past and complaining that our class is beyond broken etc etc.

My Warrior still functions fine post BC. Tanking is a bit harder, DPSing is still fairly similar. The only thing that is painful is grinding (Heavy Netherweave doesn't cut it anymore).

Blizzard has stated that they're looking at Warriors (and Shamans, who I feel do also need some tweaking) so let's just wait and see what they come up with. The fact that others can now join in with the tanking game I see as a postive move for the game in general, and for the moment Warriors are still the best single targets tanks there are for the sheer mitigation they can achieve. Which, imo, is how it should be.

Just grit your teeth and wait for the gear to start rolling in. I can assure you that, just like it did back in Azeroth, heavy wads of gear will sort out many of the problems that seem so apparant right now. Especially those that focus on DPS.

Just my 2c anyway, /rant off.

Fifty ways to leave a guild {WoW}

Jan 31st 2007 8:05AM Quitee: 'IM QUITINGG U GUYS R ALL RTEARDS'
Me: 'rofl! Okey doke' (He was not well loved in our Guild at the time)

---5 minutes later---

Quitee: 'HWO DO I QUIT A GILD????'

My ribs still hurt from laughing so hard. Those are direct quotes from him by the way, typos and all.

Made By... {WoW}

Jan 14th 2007 5:40PM I remember getting a /w from a Druid one day saying that he'd heard that I could make the Hide of the Wild and was interested in purchasing one. I asked for 5g as a fee, which he accepted, and he proceeded to find me and hand over the mats.

While he's doing this I inspect him and lo and behold find that he's also wearing an Ironfeather Breatplate and Shoulders set that I'd made, AND the Wolfshead Helm that I'd made months ago (only bothered to farm the mats for one).

I'm just about to /w him about it when at that moment I recieve a /w from him saying 'Hey, you're wearing my stuff!'. A quick check revealed that I was wearing the Green Dragonscale chestplate and leggings that HE had crafted. I told him that he was also wearing my stuff and we laughed and had a nice little chat about how annoying skinning can be, especially in instances with other skinners. I took off the service charge because he'd given me such a funny memory, which is worth way more than 5g.

To this day I still have that set somewhere to remind me of that fluke meeting.

Remember, everything is hunter loot {WoW}

Jan 12th 2007 2:41AM I've seen the Fiery War Axe enchanted with Icy Weapon before, but I'm not sure about worst gear /class combo. Probably the Crimson Felt Hat that a friend of mine, a Warrior, religiously wears at every available oppurtunity.

Beyond Scarab Lords and Grand Marshals {WoW}

Jan 11th 2007 8:09PM Oh, oh. Forgot one:

'Royal Pain up the @~#!' - Didn't loot the damn dog.

Beyond Scarab Lords and Grand Marshals {WoW}

Jan 11th 2007 8:03PM @5 - Cartographer? Explorer? Pathfinder? Pioneer? Take your pick ^_^

How about:

+'Flag Monkey' - Over 1000 flag caps in Warsong Gulch (Druids rejoice)
+'Vending Machine' - Conjured over 10,000 stacks of food.
+'Water Cooler' - Same deal, only with water.
+'Gankstar' - Killed 1,000 players who are at least 10 levels below you. Possibly with some kind of debuff / detrimental affect?
+'Troublemaker' - Killed 1,000 players whilst within the walls of a Neutral city.
+'Medic' - Resurrected over 200 players using Goblin Jumper Cables.
+'Health Hazard' - Had 500 backfires on Engineering devices.
+'Treasure Hunter' - Opened 2500 chests.
+'Clumsy' - Set off over 500 traps (PvE, not Hunter ones).
+'Coward!' - Had the 'Deserter' Debuff over 1000 times.
+'Victim' - Once had to face a Warlock in solo PvP.
+'Vendorstrike Abuser' - Didn't actually shard their Vendorstrike.
+'Gnome Punter' - Rolled a Tauren.
+'Ankle Biter' - Rolled a Gnome.

God, I could keep going all night with these.