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New Halloween masks point to a new playable race? {WoW}

Jul 17th 2009 5:44PM I figure they'll both be neutral races that you can faction whichever way you want.

Spiritual Guidance: The Discipline raiding spec thoughts and review {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 9:59AM From what I can tell in the horseman fight, it's a lot of shield-and-renew on the DPS and ranged crowd and a lot of renew-and-penance on the warrior tank. Pain Suppression on the tank and Power Infusion on a caster. Granted, being a shield-machine doesn't help with a warrior that needs to take it on the chin for aggro purposes, but having to worry very little about the rest of the group because of the sheer power of your heals coupled with the best castable mitigation in the game makes 5-mans a breeze, currently. Of course, everything is a breeze right now.
I will say that Holy Nova is a lot more impressive at 70 than it was at 60. It's not something to spam, but for topping up a group that's taken a couple of rounds of AoE and getting 3/5 crits which set of Aegis is really cool. Plus, Nova's utility in a Tank-and-AoE situation cannot be denied. AoE events in instances should be an utter breeze with you standing in the middle laying out 10-15 rounds of 600 HP heals and 400 damage.
I know my comment is slightly off-topic, but Discipline Priests really need to get some love now that it's a very viable spec in 5 mans. I think their utility in a raid won't be ignored.

Spiritual Guidance: The Discipline raiding spec thoughts and review {WoW}

Oct 21st 2008 9:28AM With my priest at level 68 and being dog-tired of leveling shadow, I decided to give discipline a chance for leveling. I've healed a number of lower level instances for guild alts and I've healed the horseman, but I've yet to put her through her paces in an end-game instance. However, for leveling, it's really pretty great. The PW:S completely tricked out is nearly a second life bar and it takes something like Durn the Hungerer to get through it before Weakened Soul wears off. Having access to Devouring Plague in addition to SW:P as well as the overall buff to spell damage you can find in the Disc. tree as well as low in the Holy tree makes mobs drop very quickly. I get low on mana pretty regularly, but that's because I'm nuking the crap out of things and not letting my DoTs work.
I did shield-tank 4 mobs last night and DoT them down, wanding (with the new non-GCD wand mechanic) and the occasional damage spell. I could usually finish the group off with a Holy Nova. For leveling, I have reflective shields for this specific purpose. I'm basically a glowing ball of DoT.
Really the Discipline Priest plays like a Holy Mage, offensively. Pennance is pretty good damage, doing anywhere from 1200-1800 damage (if not more) for very cheap.
Overall, I think that priests really do have a third, viable spec now. Mitigation and deflection is the new hotness.

Totem Talk: Echoes of Doom Enhancement review {WoW}

Oct 16th 2008 7:51PM Hey, just a note, the speed buff isn't a proc. It's one of the wolves 3 badass abilities available to you from the pet bar. By default, your pet bar is Ctrl+1, 2, 3, etc. Since wolves only come out during fun times, I've got them set to Aggressive and I moved their attack button down to move up the sprint, taunt, and bash abilities. Now I just have to Alt+F1, F2, F3 for those things.

Enter to celebrate patch 3.0.2 with a Paper Airplane from WoW Insider {WoW}

Oct 14th 2008 12:40PM I'll be respeccing my shaman to full enhancement, swapping out my casting gear for my enhancement gear and carrying my resto gear for "when needed" occasions, and then buying as many mounts as I can before I have to go grind dailies with my new off-hand instant attack, synergized totems, and two giant, blue, pouncing, healing, stunning wolf pals. I think I will call them Jasper and Frederick.

On the edge of change Pt 2: Shamans in patch 3.0.2 {WoW}

Oct 13th 2008 4:30PM I'm crazy excited for the wolves and changes to enhancement. I'm going off of blind anticipation for what is sure to be a fun spec to play, no matter if it's the best spec or not. Maybe weeks into Wrath release I'll consider looking at elemental for dps, but enhancement is finally going to play like I've always wanted it to play.

Look! Up in the sky! It's Shaman changes! {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 11:04AM @ "Really, to me this is like someone saying 'We're concerned that fried chicken you're eating is too delicious.'"

Truly laughing out loud. I'm very excited about Maelstrom and the wolves (Feral Spirit) coming in 3.0.2. My little shaman leveled from 1-70 enhancement in a little over a month and then my guild needed her for ranged DPS and healing, which is like asking a badger to be hamster. Or a parakeet. So my time on the beta server as the sprinting, mana and HP regening DPS monster leading a pack of giant ghost wolves on Quel'Danas has made me anticipate this patch more than any other. I had to sit and drink and eat very rarely because of the synergy between instant-cast healing waves and the regen ability that you can spam on the wolves when they're up.
I just hope the agro management on wind shock and talents will be enough to make her viable instance DPS again, versus having to respec resto or elemental because it fits our 5 man better.
Still, the wolves are the most exciting thing shamans have ever received.

iPhone 3G: guts, plants, and free SMS {Engadget}

Jul 14th 2008 10:57AM I have texts blocked to my phone, and it seems to be working. I can't even get the auth text from Loopt.

On the topic at hand, I really hope that we do move away from SMS and towards a push-type messaging system in the near future. The AIM client is close, but it needs some serious polish.

Ninja Gaiden 2 demo finally flips out of Japan tomorrow, not to US or Canada [Update] {Joystiq}

Jun 3rd 2008 9:39AM If you guys really want the demo, just sign out of Live from your normal account and make a new account with a Japanese address. The only thing that needs to be accurate is the postal code, and here's one to use: 170-3293. Just put in gibberish for the rest, go to the Live store, and browse to the Ninja Gaiden subpage. You can download the demo from there. It's even in English. The only snag I ran into was that the game doesn't show up in Spotlight Demos, but just keep paging around until the Ninja Gaiden banner ad pops up and click that. Easy peasy, and you can play the demo and flip out and kill dudes with claws on your hands AND feet.

Ninja Gaiden 2 demo finally flips out of Japan tomorrow, not to US or Canada [Update] {Joystiq}

Jun 2nd 2008 11:18PM I made a Japanese silver account on my 360 and downloaded it with that earlier last week. Learned that trick when the Rainbow 6 Vegas demo landed in Germany.