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The Queue: Shameless theft {WoW}

Jun 12th 2011 3:29PM With how things are going, this will be a premium paid feature for people who are better than the rest of us.

Around Azeroth: These boots were made for killin' {WoW}

Jun 10th 2011 12:44PM This is why nobody wants to hang out with us, Ketchup.

Officers' Quarters: Firelands will not save your guild {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 4:48PM @CodeMunki

And this is why I had to laugh when Blizz attributed the 600k drop off due to players having worked through content too quickly mere months after release (not to mention it's also in conflict with what they stated as their reasoning for postponing Firelands, which was that players were not yet ready... make up your mind Blizz).

We ran Wrath raids literally up to the week before Cata came out. If Blizz honestly believes the PR spin they put out, then they are deeply deluded.

Officers' Quarters: Firelands will not save your guild {WoW}

May 23rd 2011 2:41PM After three years of happily raiding weekly, Cataclysm has squashed my guild's will plunge into 10mans. Every time another member gets fed up and throws in the towel, the fabric of our guild weakens a bit more. It's very sad and frustrating, and I often worry that our five year old guild may be on the brink of dissolving. I feel like this is a truth that is being under-reported: it isn't just a series of individuals mass quitting, it's a slow collapse of the infrastructure that guilds and groups of friends are based on. And when even two or three hit their tolerance levels for Cata content, it's devastating to a small guild like mine.

The absolute tipping point for us was our first recent trip into ZG as a guild split into two 5mans (we had already been burning out on the first bosses of the available raids). I had already pugged it once myself and assured everyone that it could be done. We ended up wiping several times on the way to the first boss, and then again and again once we met him. Since then, we've lost three members. Welcome to ZG.

I commend Blizzard for their resolve to stick with their original design philosophy for Cataclysm, and I understand their development pipeline is long and many of these design decisions we endure were put into motion ages ago, but I really do wish they could swallow their pride, admit their mistakes and return the accessibility of Wrath.

I HAD been telling myself and guildies things would be better in 4.2, but this post has squashed that. I have been trying to actively recruit new members, but I'm probably getting their hopes up for nothing.

Thank you, you've given me plenty to think about.

Patch 4.2 PTR: Nozdormu's mortal form, new Sulfuras revealed {WoW}

May 19th 2011 7:28PM Don't be fooled by the skin color, that's actually based on a Night Elf model and skeleton/animations.

MMO Roundup: Rogers throttling WoW, Jedi armor sets, and more {WoW}

Mar 29th 2011 5:39PM Read Rogers' own letter of admission. By their own account, the throttling is overreaching and interfering with the game itself, not just the P2P updater.

Considering Blizzard is putting great effort into allowing WoW to stream/download content on the fly while playing (I wouldn't be surprised if this is tech they are testing the waters with which they plan to use to a much larger degree in Titan, btw), I'm betting they aren't too thrilled. This sort of thing has a wide negative impact on anyone trying to innovate in the online space (see my earlier comment regarding Netflix introducing lower quality options to Canadians as of today).

The fact that Canadians have to pressure telcos to give up this basic information by going through our national telecommunications regulator is also troubling. Before now, customer service reps would flat out refute or deny questions or allegations regarding this sort of far reaching throttling (even though savvy people knew otherwise). And even when a problem IS found, it takes months to resolve (in this case, June at the soonest, or at least until Blizz breaks their fix with a new patch).

This is ridiculously awful service on Rogers' part. And for all we know, their throttling IS effecting other services on the network that they intend to free up traffic for, they just aren't transparent enough to admit it or take the initiative to resolve it in a timely manner.

MMO Roundup: Rogers throttling WoW, Jedi armor sets, and more {WoW}

Mar 29th 2011 3:10PM Rogers' actions are deplorable. From the looks of things, they won't be able to fix a problem of their own creation by summer at the soonest. It almost sounds like they can't keep up with Blizzard patching the game.

The telecommunications giants in Canada have been trying to tighten their stranglehold on customers more than ever during the past six months. Low data caps and gouging usage based billing plans are just the tip of the iceberg for what Canadians can expect unless something is done to reign in the abusive business practices of the big telcos. Even today, Netflix has just decided that they will provide options to stream content at lower quality levels for Canadians in order to keep customers from exceeding their caps too quickly (while the rest of the world points and laughs). This is unsurprising considering the telcos also own the largest cable companies in the country, and squashing competition is in their best interest, and not that of the customer.

If things keep going this way, I can almost foresee a time when Canadians will have an option to pay an extra $5 per month to their ISP in order to guarantee their games aren't throttled.

Concerned gamers and users of the internet can stay informed and look for calls to action at .

With a Canadian federal election on the horizon, lets aim to make these problems into election issues.

The Queue: Teeth and can openers {WoW}

Feb 16th 2011 4:17PM It is listed as a known issue here. It's frustrating to see that this hasn't been addressed in the numerous hotfixes since the patch landed.

Game Fuel pets for all. Sort of. {WoW}

May 19th 2009 6:01PM It's silly that they let you register an account with a non-US address, then give you a great big "OOPS!" prompt if you try to log in afterwards. A scam to get as many people into their database as possible.

Luckily I was able edit my info. I changed it to a fake US address, simply mashing in random gibberish and numbers.

Hopefully that's all it takes. If it requires a proof of purchase of the product, then that could be trouble since I don't think this drink is sold in Canada. My last resort will be to beg a guildie into buying one and giving me their number.

This will be my 75th pet, so I'm stoked.

The Art of War(craft): Is Wintergrasp too successful for its own good? {WoW}

May 17th 2009 4:38PM I was a bit surprised at the overall simplicity of WG when I first played it (which is also part of it's mass appeal). Here are some of my fantastical ideas that could make the zone a bit more interesting, and possibly spread out the players at the same time:

- Introduce a new vehicle, or tweak an existing vehicle to fire over a much greater distance for the assaulting team. This would encourage the defenders to exit the keep and hunt down these long range vehicle "snipers" who are bombarding their walls. Perhaps this vehicle could also only be created at the Southern workshops.

- Allow the bridges to be destroyed (the assets and animations already exist for the destroyed bridges in the game files). This would hinder the progress of the new long range bombarders.

- Instead of simply breaking down the keep door, place an objective in each of the three outer courtyards which must be controlled by the attackers in order to make the door vulnerable. Zero points controlled means the door is invulnerable, while every additional point controlled will multiply damage to the keep door.

- Tune the battle so that it can last closer to 45-60 minutes. The larger time commitment will cause a certain percentage of players to think twice about jumping into battle, rather attracting anyone with 15-20 minutes to spare (assuming the battle goes well, which everyone hopes it will). Lock the battle to new participants at the 30 min mark, and apply a debuff to deserters who leave early if things aren't going well (the higher your battle rank, the greater the debuff).

I'm sure a million holes could be found in these ideas since I didn't put too much thought into them. The point is, it all boils down to creating compelling reasons for players to spread out, rather than focusing on the single point of the keep door. I hope these weekly quests are only a temporary solution, and WG goes through some retooling sooner rather than later. Don't forget how much AV has evolved over time as well.