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Patch 2.4: Hyjal and Black Temple attunements removed {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 1:31AM Ok call this elitism but this sucks.

I've done BT/MH before and I came back to my old server to play with friends. Before I know it I'm making a guild and leading it through Kael/Vash. Now this was nothing new to me, but it was for those guys as they had never seen vash/kael downed.

We just finished off attuning everyone so we can start in bt/mh and this comes along. It sucks especially as we got 6/6 SSC 3/4 TK in our first week.

Vash and kael ain't hard, their just common sense. Rage winterchill, Ane, and Kaz in MH are *easy* so easy their like lurker. Along with HWN, Surp, and Shade.

This change was un-needed. Just let people go for vash/kael without the other stuff and its fine.

Will Cloak of Shadows be overpowered? {WoW}

Jan 14th 2007 10:03PM All I see here is casters saying its OP and rogues saying its not. Personally its getting no where, and there are very few reasons being said.

Lets look at the Rogue versus Mage. If I get the upper hand on a mage, and stun them, they will blink, and more than likely I will be slowed by icearmour. I now have 2 (3 if you are specc'ed for it). Option 1; I can sit there and get polymorphed (use trinket but get polymorphed straight after) and then hit with their longest spell. Option 2; I can hit vanish again and begin the process again, but the likelihood of this happening is slim because AoE level 1 will be churned out to bring me out of stealth. Option 3; Hit Sprint to break frost, but i'm not specc'ed for that. Pretty much, I can't stunlock a mage. If i have daggers I can hope for a lucky crit from ambush but its unlikely to happen.

Remember, I am a 2 or 3 hit for a mage who is equal geared with me.

Now Rogue versus Warlock. I hit the cheapshot, and start the stunlock. I quite happily spam my skills and make sure the warlock doesn't become un-stunned. Slight problem - I have a pet lashing out at me. If its Felguard thats some beating i'm getting in the meantime. If its a voidwalker, they'll sacrifice and use the shield, and cast DoTs on me straight away so i can't vanish. If its Succy, get ready to be sed-locked. Either way, I have trouble with warlocks no matter how hard i try to keep stunlock up, My dps won't be enough to cut you down in time. As soon as it fades you hit skillcoil and and healthstone and thats your hp back to full and mines on half from your pet. I lose good game. If get a nice crit, I die to the dots afterwards anyways unless i pop a potion.

Priests, admittly I have barely any problems slicing through that, clos would just make it easier.

That is without CloS. If we add CloS I can see it being helpful against a Warlock, but not so much against a mage. Removing those DoTs to vanish again, so I can restart combat is a godsend, especially as they have now used their skillcoil aka the "I win" button for locks. Mages can just run for 5 seconds and/or hide in block, then polymorph and restart combat again if needed.

While I do see it as being amazing, and I will use it. I don't see how it will be class breaking. It might be a challenge at first, but just redesign your tactics. You can't damage us for 5 seconds? Just run for 5 seconds then. Use that healthstone to prop your hp back up, or blink/iceblock. Its not hard.

Sorry for the long post, it just annoys me greatly when people shout OP instead of redesigning their gameplay for a class. The only thing I can't get is why Warlocks are complaining, they are the only class that can make mistakes in pvp and live.