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2.0.6 hits PTRs: small nerfs for Priests and Hunters, nerfs and buffs for Mages {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 9:27AM #14: erm, Mages also get invisibility at lvl 68, hence easy escaping. But you're right, stealthing is *the* advantage of the rougues, being able to choose when and what to fight and having the first strike most of the time in PvP is priceless. Sadly this ability isn't really needed in instances, I feel for the rogues here...

2.0.6 hits PTRs: small nerfs for Priests and Hunters, nerfs and buffs for Mages {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 7:23AM I agree with #11, and I can't really see the motivation Blizzard has to reducing the damage of fireball and frostbolt. Fire mages can be happy with it for PvP, but in PvE they're as much affected by the dmg nerf as we frost mages.
The buff on the mana shield doesn't compensate for the reduced damage, absorbing a little over 700 damage isn't really needed either with regard to the huge amount of HP we gain in TBC anyway...

Yes, we mages WANT to be squishy, but get the most damage instead, that's what our role as a 'glass cannon' is all about. Damage is the keystone to our survivability, the 'kill it before it kills you' aspect of our class.
Maybe they just wanted to make the arcane spells (missiles and blast) more of an alternative, or force mages into speccing improved fireball/frostbolt if they use them for sustained damage (so speccing in the tier 8 talents to compensate for a nerf in the tier 1 talents)...

As for the other changes in the patch, I do see the reason behind cutting the damage of silencing shot and arcane shot (they were way too strong in PvP against clothies), but the damage reduction of SW:P wasn't necessary...

All in all the changes in the patch are wasted, don't fix if it ain't broken...

2.0.6 hits PTRs: small nerfs for Priests and Hunters, nerfs and buffs for Mages {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 4:29AM I consider this patch a buff for the fire mages (hey, they essentially get the ice barrier for free, with mana costs on absorb, but without cooldown), and a major nerf for frost mages (31 talent made obsolete, and frostbolt damage reduced by 5-7% overall, but contrary to fire mages which can use pyro and scorch instead, we got no alternative for sustained DPS).

Yes, frost mages can use mana shield too, and it will stack upon ice barrier, but this is nonsense, as the manashield can be applied faster (only global cooldown compared to ice barrier which has 30sec/24sec cooldown) and costs way less mana to keep up all the time. Wasted 31 talent, it is, and I dont't think this is balanced towards other classes (all the benefit from fire or arcane, and the shielding of the defence tree for free).

As a frost mage, this patch makes me sad...

Will Cloak of Shadows be overpowered? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2007 9:55AM So you rogues feel weak against warlocks in PvP, and so do we mages, if not more. But that doesn't legitimate cloak of shadows as a buff against *all* caster classes. CoS would be an I-win button against mages and priests.
(Partial) invulnerability is just a no-skill advandage over other classes and must(!) always be accompanied by a side effect (Mages not being able to move or cast or whatever in Ice Block, and Pallies attacking very slow when bubbled), so this should also apply to Cloak of Shadows. That's what balance is all about.

Being able to sneak up to a cloth wearer, entering CoS invulnerability and then backstab-cutthroat-choucroute-garnie for a free kill without the victim standing a chance to counter anything is just plain stupid.

Breakfast Topic: Murloc at the movies {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 9:24AM Texas Murloc Massacre
Rocky Horror Murloc Show
Evil Murloc
The Big Murlocovsky
Attack of the 50 Foot Murloc
Shost in the Murloc
Murloc's Run
Starship Murlocs
Lost Murloc
Big Trouble with little Murloc
The Murlocs Family
The Adventures of Murky, Murloc of the Desert
The Murloc Brothers
A Chinese Murloc Story
Chasing Murloc
Dawn of the Murlocs
Murky: Cultural Learnings of Azeroth for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Murloc
Last Action Murloc
The Last Boy Murloc
Harley Davidson and the Murloc Man
The Little Shop of Murlocs
A Murloc on Elm Street
The Naked Murloc
National Lampoon's Murloc Vacation
Soylent Murloc
The Murloc of Oz
Teenage Mutant Ninja Murlocs

Breakfast Topic: Murloc at the movies {WoW}

Jan 18th 2007 8:18AM Funny idea, here's my contribution:

Dancing with Murlocs
The Good, the Bad and the Murloc
Murloc's List
Murlocs of the Lost Ark
One flew over the Murloc's Nest
Reservior Murlocs
Million Dollar Murloc
Murloc Begins
Night of the Living Murloc
Murloc Academy
Lethal Murloc
Murloc Club
Murlocs of the Caribbean
The Silence of the Murlocs
The Lord of the Murlocs
12 Murlocs
Murloc Gump
Pretty Murloc
The Green Murloc
Back to the Murloc
A Clockwork Murloc
Dr. Murloc or: How I Learned to Stop Gargleblargling and Love the Bomb

Will Cloak of Shadows be overpowered? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2007 9:13AM #47: Don't forget that spellsteal can be resisted, so if the Rogue hast Cloak of Shadows up, he'll resist your spellsteal almost certainly.

The main problem is the class balancing around the DoTs. It's hard to kill high HP classes (Warriors or any class that can heal or otherwise extend their HP during the fight) with DoTs, but when balancing them vs. HP classes, other classes with lower HP that can't heal (Rogues, Hunters, and Mages, who suffer most from low HP) are affected way more, this is where the imbalance originates.

Don't you see the deadly spiral of 'I-Win' abilities revolving?
Rogues used to easily kill Warlocks -> Warlocks get Deathcoil.
Now Warlocks easily kill Rogues -> Rogues get Cloak of Shadows.
-> and the other classes suffer.

Suggestion: increase the cooldown (to 2-3 min) and remove the 90% spellresist, so it will still clear the debuffs (and therefore still be a very great advantage vs. casters, as it removes DoTs, snares and any other CC effect, from frostnova to fear), but won't be absurdely overpowered.

Will Cloak of Shadows be overpowered? {WoW}

Jan 15th 2007 7:12AM The problem lies in the DoT system, which can't be balanced to all classes, given that each classes HPs differ in a wide spectrum. Balancing DoTs so that Warlocks and Priests can more easily kill high HP classes (warriors and any class that can heal and therefore has more HP in a fight) imbalances it towards other classes which either can't heal (Rogues, Hunters) or have low HP and can't heal (Mages). Yes, mages suffer from DoTs too, and ony very few of them can be decursed. Yes, there's Ice Block, and we're almost forced into speccing it to not to be a victim class in PvP...

Rogues kill Warlocks easily: -> Warlocks get Deathcoil
Now Warlocks kill Rogues easily: -> Rogues get Cloak of Shadows.
And the balance towards other classes suffers...
And the death spiral of I-Win skills keeps revolving...

The 'Remove Debuffs' aspect of CoS is appropriate, but the 5sec spell invulnerability without any penalties is certainly not.