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Guildwatch: It's not me, it must be you {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 2:37AM The comment about Ascension is ridiculous. We have about a hundred active accounts.

*Three* people left, as well as one applicant who was a friend of those three and had never actually attended a raid. Of those three, only one raided regularly in the last three months.


Guildwatch: Ninja happens {WoW}

Feb 20th 2008 2:06PM The simple fact is that the GM's will generally take any excuse possible to NOT solve your problem, in my experience. Given that, as I mentioned above, loot once ended up with a class completely unable to use it (best shadowpriest neck currently in the game went to a warrior by mistake when Boots of Elusion dropped at the same time as Rittsyn's Lost Pendant), why give them another excuse?

To those who think mistakes can't happen, or are terribly unlikely:

What would you say the chances are of someone screwing up a need/greed prompt? One in a thousand? One in ten thousand?

Let's say one in ten thousand, and figure your guild clears SSC and TK weekly. That's ten boss kills with an average of three items apiece, with 25 people in the raid.

25 * 10 * .0001 = 2.5% chance PER WEEK of a loot mistake, NOT COUNTING Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon, or any other content you might run for fun. Particularly given how rare some of these drops can be (one of our shadowpriests just now finally got her Rittsyn's pendant after a *YEAR* in Karazhan), why take the chance of it accidentally going to the wrong party, let alone deliberately in the case of a disgruntled (soon to be ex-) member?

It's just silly not to.

Guildwatch: Ninja happens {WoW}

Feb 20th 2008 11:12AM Very simple reason to use Master Loot.

Blizzard will generally not fix loot problems unless you are using ML. My guild started out never using it, and after one person made a mistake during a fast clear of Karazhan and accidentally needed on the wrong item (two trash drops on one pull), the GM refused to restore the item to the person who should've gotten it. He said that since we weren't using Master Loot, they wouldn't fix it. As a result, a warrior ended up with a Rittsyn's Lost Pendant. I assume he still has it. We've used Master Loot on every fight we could ever since, only for that reason.

Of course, recently on Mount Hyjal trash where you pretty much HAVE to use Group Loot another error was made, and the GM had no problem restoring that to the proper party (I guess because of the mechanics of the encounter?)

Getting what you paid for: Should the endgame be accessible to casuals? {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 2:15PM
It is not necessarily true that raiding takes more time than casual play. If you want to raid at a top-end level and make fast progress, then yes, you will spend a lot of time raiding. But if you're just there to have some fun, kill some bosses, and see a new instance, it isn't that big of a deal. The longest boss fight currently in the game takes 18 minutes to execute correctly (Illidan). It's the learning that takes a while. If you sit down with a group of comparably-minded players who are casuals, you can learn your way through the content just like anybody else. Instead of taking two weeks to clear Kara, you'll take a month or maybe two, depending on your schedule. Same deal with later instances.

I'm the GM of a semi-casual raiding guild over a year old. We are only just now clearing SSC and TK, (got Kael just a couple of days ago). We're obviously well behind the curve of "hardcore" raiders, but we enjoy the content so we stick with it, and are willing to accept slower than average progress because we get to see the new stuff in the time we have available. If we can do it with kids, full time jobs, and significant others, I see no reason others can't.

If what you're asking for is to simply be able to experience the later content, the means are already there for you to do so, you simply must get organized and actually work on making the progress. Especially with the free arena epics, it's not as though getting geared up is that hard anymore. Even S1 gear makes almost all of Karazhan trivial, let alone S2 or S3.

On the other hand, if what you're asking for is expecting to be able to progress as fast as people who are actually putting in 4 or 5 hour days, 5 or 6 days a week to see the new stuff, the answer is, very simply, "no." The point of the game is defeating a difficult challenge. If you take that away there's no game - and if you want to see Blizz lose money, have them make everything soloable so that every person in the game can clear all the new content by themselves in a few months, and watch the subscriptions dry up.

And to those asking "why doesn't the old content become easier so casuals can do it"....

Have any of you guys BEEN to MC, ZG, AQ20, BWL, AQ40, or Naxx recently? With crappy level 70 gear, MC is a complete lolfest. BWL has maybe two fights that are remotely difficult, ZG is a lolfest, AQ20 is mostly a lolfest, and I've seen 5-man pugs clear a boss or two in Naxx (though granted they had decent raid gear and were good players). Onyxia is so easy it makes me sad - we farm her twice a week with 5-man groups just for the free gold.

What you are asking for (making old content easier so casuals can see it) has already been done, and will be done every time the level cap increases. What WON'T ever be done, is making the raid content so easy that casuals could see it before the raiders did. *MOST* guilds are not even IN T6 yet. Only about 11% of raiding guilds have killed Kael'thas even now, and many of those have been together for a long time.

It would not be fair to make content that 25-man guilds have been working to see for over a year available to a random pug.

That said, I do dislike attunement requirements. Let people zone in and see how far they can get, imo.

PvP reward inflation leaves newcomers in the dust {WoW}

Nov 29th 2007 3:23PM Er.

It's really not that bad, folks.

Arenas are SUPPOSED to be very difficult. Even experienced players with good gear get annihilated.

The progression is supposed to go Battlegrounds to Arena. If you ding 70 and walk into a RANKED arena match, you should EXPECT to get owned, just like the vast majority of even experienced players do.

If you feel you're not staying alive long enough to learn anything, then do practice (non-ranked) matches in Arenas. That's what they're for.

Get a few PVP pieces from BG's and lose your 10 games a week for a couple of weeks, get a piece or two of arena gear, and go have fun.

Canadian lawsuit pegs Dell for knowingly selling defective laptops {Engadget}

Jan 15th 2007 1:23PM Unfortunately, not news to me that Dell makes products that fail shortly after the warranty expires. See to learn how they sold thousands of people multi-thousand dollar laptops with 17" widescreen displays that develop "stuck pixels" in full vertical columns from top to bottom of the display approximately 15 months after purchase and then refuse to do anything about it, despite hundreds with the same complaint. Call tech support and they'll say they've never heard of the problem.