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BC Priest talent/spell preview {WoW}

Sep 11th 2006 4:05PM I cant see the wow site from work. /Bang head against desk!! Whats all the new goodies?

More potential BC priest info {WoW}

Sep 7th 2006 9:12AM Faar 3k HP's would equal to 30 HP regen per tick under this aura. Pretty useless especially in higer end game when things hit you for 1-2K plus and very fast.

Your pet aggro Idea really is a cool idea. Would love to have lets say an OWL or some type of bird that doesnt attack just sits there and waits to grab aggro from you, I know this will never happen but It is a really nice idea.

Honestly we as priest are really not hurting when it comes to escapability, IF timed right you can always have either Fade or Fear up. Shield FTW. Runs Razorgore event 1Million times and trust me you become an expert on keeping 1 of those timers active at all times.


More potential BC priest info {WoW}

Sep 6th 2006 4:48PM 4. Aura of the Chosen
Requires 5 points in Rapture
Requires 40 points in Holy Talents
Light radiates from you, healing the friendly target and all party members within 30 yards for 1% of their total health every 2 seconds.

Make that 1% of Hp's and Mana and it really would be worth it. Otherwise waste of Points

Raiders respond to 25 man caps {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 4:27PM My apologies if you were offended, but your original comments you posted in the Blog, Are thoughtless and incorrect.

The comments
"Guilds that do regular 40-man raids will have no problems fielding two simultaneous 25-man raids, I really don't see what the problem is."
Will not be made by someone who is affected by this change

Which leads me to believe either you dont have a clue or are one track minded.

At first I thought this might not be to bad of a change, but after carefully thinking this through I cant see the true benefit for this cap change and can only see harm in the change.

Raiders respond to 25 man caps {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 4:05PM Merging with another guid?

No Offense to you man, but I dont get the feeling you understand what a 40 man raid group consist of.

Scheduling MC,AQ20,ZG is very doable by a guild that just merged a bunch of people together.

But it wont get you very far in BWL and beyond.

You need to have a solid raid force as everyones effort is needed to be succesful.

Again, I reiterate, The change to the cap is going to hurt more of the raid guilds as it will help the casual raid guilds.

Raiders respond to 25 man caps {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 3:36PM Yes Ceej it is a problem let me explain.

Solution: Recruit 10 more and create two raid forces.
1)This will basically create an A and B Team.Noone wants to be part of B team
2)I have about 32 friends I have been playing/raiding with since Everquest days, Now I have to choose which freinds to play with.
3)My guilds barely fields 40 every raid, We are not one of the top guilds neither the worst, Recruiting is slow and painful for us. So this is not an option.

Solution:Rotate players in raid to raid.
Problem: This while it may be doable, is a horrible solution. This will take guilds forver to gear out a full guild meaning falling behind on progression, and for those that dont know: For raid guilds, slow or no progression means death to a raid guild.

Solution: "Cut the Fat"
Problem:again, I have about 32 friends I have been playing/raiding with since Everquest days, Now I have to choose which freinds to play with. This is not fair, this means having SEVERAL freinds move on to other guilds. Sad after 2-3 years of playing together.

As you can see their are TONS and TONS of guild leaders in these situations that are really rackign their brains on WTF they are going to do.


While their a few casual guilds who have been very successful with AQ20 and ZG, these guilds are few and far between. Most casual guilds think arent structured to be successful with end game content.

Most casual guilds(From what I have experienced)think with the 25 man cap that now they will be able to come in and on a casual basis get Free Purples, That it will drop like rain, while what they are not realizing is that no matter what the cap size they are not structured to be succesful in this type of enviornment.

What is going to happen is while they may be able to field 25 people on a day to day basis, come after expansion time, when they get stuck on a raid boss that they wipe over and over again for days and sometimes weeks, they will start having less and less people log in.

And eventually these 25 people dwindle down to 15 maybe 20 players and they are back to the same point as they are now. Crying and screaming on the wow boards that they now want more 15-20 man zones.

While I completely understand Blizzards motivation for this change as they are trying to please their masses (casuals) I dont see how this change will benefit the causuals more then it will be hurting the current Raid Guilds.

Raiders respond to 25 man caps {WoW}

Aug 22nd 2006 3:07PM Cedric,

Let Me guess, You are not a raider?

The issues that this is causing raid guilds like mine goes much further then just"Recruit more to field two groups"

Comments like this tell me you do not belong or have anythign to do with a 40 man raid force.

Breakfast Topic: Best Guild Name Ever {WoW}

Aug 8th 2006 10:29AM Wubbale Wabbits

Healer Psychology {WoW}

Jun 13th 2006 2:44PM Raid Healer Burnout is almost inevitable.
After running Molten Core enough times myself to max out my Hydraxian Waterlords Rep, I can tell you that Healing can be very repititive, cant tell you how many times It would be 12am+ and I would be half asleep healing with one eye open.

Bullies Move Out of the Schooyard into MMO's {WoW}

Jun 12th 2006 2:34PM It can happen and has happened. Happend to me a couple of months ago on the Mal'Ganis server.

Essentially this is how it works

Player A opens trade with Player B.
Player A places 100gold and does not hit trade.

Right now there is an open trade window with 100gold but noone has submitted Trade.

Here is where the damage occurs.

Player B expects this to be a regular transaction between players and thinks nothing of it.

Player A is bacially anticipating when Player B is going to place the item.

Player A tries to time the trade and removes the 100gold and chages it to 1 gold the second before he thinks Player B will place the item and hit enter.

I rather as many people are aware of this so they can avoid this happenign to them.

I basically traded away a 800 item for nothing a few months ago and after submitting a ticket, GM's said there was nothign they could do.