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Splash Screen changes: Worldwide Invitational edition {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 5:04AM I'll give you the teeth being a tough sell, I might just be looking too far.

I went back and tried a bunch of different things to make the features stand out more. In the end, all it needed was a second (albeit severe) sharpening.


After (just the sharpened mouth area):

After 2 (sharpened to make the nostrils stand out - see that the left one is a full circle?):

Splash Screen changes: Worldwide Invitational edition {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 4:13AM I noticed a couple things that nobody has mentioned yet.

Take a look at the nostrils and extremely faint teeth - here's a quick photoshop job. The teeth aren't quite as obvious as the nostrils but are definitely there.

First pic is the full thing with a selected area sharpened (just cranked it up as high as I could).

Second pic is just the sharpened area.

Last pic is the full thing with areas of interest circled/labled.

Also note the red veins under the ice.

NOTICE: For anyone claiming this is a hack job, I did nothing but sharpen the original image and label the stuff. No recoloring has been done.

Sony sez Nintendo Wii is an "impulse buy" {Engadget}

Feb 1st 2007 10:24PM I spent a few weeks trying to get a Wii for my little brother (13 years old) in time for Christmas. Before I started looking myself, my dad spent a few weeks stopping in at a local store, every day after work, but got nothing but lies and empty promises from sales associates.

After a while, my friend and I decided to take it upon ourselves to look for a Wii for each of our respective brothers. We stopped at close to 20 different electronics stores between Orlando and Tampa, Florida looking for a Wii. We found everything from a supply of about 20 wiimotes, to a floor full of PS3s (this was a couple weeks before Christmas when they were actually hard to find), but no Wii.

I waited another week and finally found out that most big name stores got their Wiis in stock on Sunday mornings. So my friend and I, now home from college, decided to get up early and wait in line at the local electronic store. We were about 30th in line for an un-announced number of Wiis and were forced to stick it out just in case they had enough. Well, to make a long story short, we eventually got to the door to find out that we were only a few spots behind the last Wii ticket. Despite being offered PS3 tickets several times (they had a lot of extras), we hurried home to grab a laptop and launch a county-wide (county, no "r") expedition to get Wiis for each of our brothers.

Sadly enough, our multi-store, multi-hour trip yielded nothing but a copy of Twilight Princess and Call of Duty. We had one last shot, and it was a long one, but it was almost a guarantee that we would get our Wiis in time for Christmas.

My friend's father works as a pilot and as a reslut, get free airfare. If you're not sure where this is going, think about where a store would get lots of Wiis every day.... Nintendo World Store anyone? So yes, he, his dad, and his little brother flew to the Nintendo World Store in NYC and bought 2 Wiis (tickets there go by person not by family), one for his family and one for mine. All this happened just days before Christmas and was actually one of the coolest trips, despite the fact that I didn't get to go to NYC.

That's a hell of an adventure for an impulse buy...

The most idiotic game happenings of 2006 {Joystiq}

Jan 15th 2007 10:43PM Is anyone else bothered by the fact that they compared the renaming of the Wii to 9/11, the Challenger explosion, and Kennedy's death? I mean, sure, the name change was surprising, but to compare it to nation tragedies is asinine.