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Wrath 101: How to get to Northrend and where to go once you get there {WoW}

Nov 10th 2008 9:09AM "take the boat out of Theramore Isle to be dropped off in Howling Fjord"

The boat to Howling Fjord does not leave from Theramore, it leaves from Menethil Harbor.

Death Knight starting cinematic unveiled {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 9:36AM That sounds like Tony Jay doing the introduction, if it is - that is fantastic. Tony died in August of 2006. He provided the player introductions for WoW (Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade) as well as Magtheridon. The introduction wouldn't be the same without him...

28 hours later, Warcraft gets its first Level 70 {Joystiq}

Jan 17th 2007 10:28AM What the hell is wrong with our society? I don't believe that such a thing exists as being
addicted to non-narcotics (such as games, sex, your friends, a good book). I think that's
just called enjoying life!

For example: Would we have called Leonardo Da Vinci addicted to science because he spent long 20 hour days cutting up cadavers or studying mechanics?

Would we have called Einstein a hopeless physics junkie?

It's called having a passion. Doing what you love. What's so bad about it?

In this work-obsessed culture we live in, if you aren't working and doing something THE MAN tells you to do, you must be doing something wrong. You don't see clinics popping up for people that work at overtime at McDonalds because they can't pay their bills -- we find it absolutely OK to not see your family most of the week because your job makes you work from 8 till 8, but when a person comes home and wants to spend 3-4 hours doing something they want to do you have people thinking its some sort of a disease.

I don't get it. Where are the priorities? I really am an advocate of being a professional idler and trying to get out of wage slavery. What's so bad about playing a game for 40 hours a week (something you choose to do, and enjoy)? Compare that to working which is something you HAVE to do or else you get evicted by some property owning assholes and end up living on the streets and going crazy!