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'Glee' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap {AOL TV}

Dec 1st 2010 8:06AM Have to agree with you - there wasn't much to like about this episode.

I thought Will yelling at the kids was way overdue, and that ended up being the best part of the episode. Rachel & Finn haven't felt like a real couple in a long time, so breaking them up is a great move.

But, yeah, the episode wasn't very enjoyable overall.

'Doctor Who' Fever Hits Craig Ferguson. Plus: Win Season 5 on DVD! {AOL TV}

Nov 18th 2010 1:30PM David Tennant is my favorite NuDoctor - he just had this great mix of dangerousness and humor.

Format: Blu-Ray

'Glee' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap {AOL TV}

Nov 17th 2010 8:21AM It would not surprise me even a little to find out that Terri gets "actual pregnant" from her little visit with Will.

And to that I say "UGH." I'm so done with the Will-Terri storyline.

Swag Sunday: You Rock Guitar {Joystiq}

Oct 4th 2010 7:47AM I would finally be able to play my love song to Q*Bert in public.

Joyswag: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands {Joystiq}

May 17th 2010 3:30PM I played the first one the lab PCs at school way back in the day. I think it might have been pirated.

Xbox 360!

Three More Shows You'll Never See On DVD {AOL TV}

Apr 29th 2010 8:14AM I'd love to see The Norm Show on DVD, but I bet that never happens, either.

Yup, Tom Hanks Really is a Nice Guy {AOL TV}

Apr 20th 2010 8:20AM Remember "That Thing You Do"? Tom Hanks gave Scolari a part in that movie - a hint that he valued very much his time with him back on Bosom Buddies.

Skate 3's 'Skate School' as taught by Coach Frank {Joystiq}

Mar 18th 2010 10:24AM So even Jason Lee has made the jump from the Tony Hawk series to Skate, eh?


'30 Rock' - 'Future Husband' Recap {AOL TV}

Mar 12th 2010 9:21AM I suspect the reason Geiss is dead is because Rip Torn gets crazier and crazier in real life.

Giveaway Tuesday: Visa Cash Card and Scrubs Swag {AOL TV}

Sep 16th 2009 8:40AM I love every character on the show. Every one of them!