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WinZip System Utilities Suite giveaway {Download Squad}

Feb 14th 2011 6:58PM Looks interesting. Might as well give it a shot.

MouseFIGHTER lets you navigate your desktop with your keyboard instead {Download Squad}

Jul 30th 2010 10:59AM Usually if I don't have a mouse and I'm on a laptop without a number pad then I'll just use the touch pad. Maybe that's just me though....

Samsung's Windows Phone 7 prototype slipping out to Imagine Cup finalists {Engadget}

Jul 12th 2010 9:17AM @Shadow08 We can still sell the app in the marketplace ;)

WooRank summarizes your website in a few seconds {Download Squad}

Jan 30th 2010 12:48AM Type into the box and you get Rick Roll'd >.>

Digsby's at it again - this time they want you to tweet for dollars {Download Squad}

Dec 15th 2009 10:58PM Honestly, I used Digsby for a couple of months until I got my Trillian Astra invite (when it was still beta) and went directly to that. I don't miss one single thing from Digsby and if I went back I would miss a lot from Astra.

The great Google Wave invite giveaway! {Download Squad}

Oct 31st 2009 12:05PM Put me in

Students encouraged to put their hacker skills to good use {Download Squad}

Jul 30th 2009 12:34PM Anyone know any good ebooks for this kind of stuff? I would love to participate in this challenge.

Start your own URL shortener with {Download Squad}

May 17th 2009 9:28AM Just get Google apps for your domain.... they have URL shortening.