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The Lawbringer: Why you'll never buy gold from Blizzard {WoW}

Jun 29th 2010 6:11PM "Imagine if Blizzard sold gold. Gold would then have a real world value according to the creator of a currency."

That is actually not quite right. In-game currency would only be have real-world value if it were transferable back to a hard currency. A one-way gold transaction Blizzard -> customers would be exactly the same as selling My Little Sparkle Ponies. Being able to sell gold back to Blizzard for cash would cross the line you are talking about.

The draw of DPS classes {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 12:49AM Or a simpler answer... more dps classes exist, so if players were theoretically spread evenly, pre-tbc, you'd have half being dps classes, a quarter hybrids and a quarter warriors and priests. And, the game itself has higher demand for dps than the other roles.
5-mans are balanced for 60% dps classes. Kara seems balanced for 70% dps. 25-mans are balanced for roughly 60% dps, and often feature enrage timers as gear checks so you can't just out-heal the encounter.

Blizzard disbands extreme erotic roleplaying guild {WoW}

Sep 17th 2007 1:31PM I've posted a comment to the suggestions forums asking that they give guilds an "adults only" flag and that it checks against the parental controls tool in account management before allowing players to join AO guilds.

Gruul's hurtful strike bugged again {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 12:12AM We just had two bears compete for 2nd aggro. Easier than trying to manage threat with melee dps.

Breakfast topic: Hard-to-find mobs {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 8:35AM Rexxar is no longer hard to find. He moved to Blade's Edge Mountains, and the new mob that takes his place is permanently stationed in Shadowprey Village.

2.0.6 hits PTRs: small nerfs for Priests and Hunters, nerfs and buffs for Mages {WoW}

Jan 21st 2007 3:53PM The hunter nerf is actually pretty major for PvP, which should make a lot of non-hunters happy. The RAP-based damage on arcane shot is the majority of the damage (for most if not all hunters), and this is being cut by 25%, so most hunters' arcane shots are going to be reduced by around 17-20%. Being the only damage-dealing instant, this is massive in PvP, and greatly reduces burst damage for all non-marksman hunters.