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Tier sets: Who chooses, guilds or players? {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 4:24PM @15: The argument that he was good enough to heal for an encounter doens't scale. Guilds/raids collect gear at one level so that you're capable of attempting the next level up. So yes, he could heal that encounter again successfully. But at some point, dps-pally Paul's gear is going to cripple the raid and they're going to hit a capability ceiling because he just doesn't bring that 5-10% extra juice that the better gear would give him. While he should have been collecting gear that let him excel at his role (whatever he chooses), he was spending it on stuff that instead helped him somewhere else. And like everyone else says, the guild/raid will find someone else who will help the raid.

I imagine that my guild will go in raid spec priority, then offspec roles once raid roles are filled. But likely a holy priest won't be rolling/spending on their dps Raid Set 4 while a protection warrior is working on his protection spec.

Breakfast Topic: The next expansion {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2007 8:54AM Original game to L60, four expansions mentioned = L100 character at end of line.