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BlackBerry 9000 gets extended interface video tour {Engadget}

May 8th 2008 2:55PM Being a BB user and Iphone user (BB for work, Iphone for weekends) I have to say this is one sexy phone. I am going to run over a quick BB vs Iphone.

TrackBal/touch- track ball Rocks easy to use and moves about the same speed as a mouse. Iphone Touch screen is the best touch screen i have ever seen. To me this is a tie

Keyboard. Buttons will all was be better then touching a screen. (I do like the iphone keyboard dont get me wrong)

Email- Blackberry is faster on geting the emails. But Apple does a better job at looking at the email.

Speakers. Blackberrys have some of the best speakers. My 8800 kills the iphone on this.

Software. Both have great software and with appls SDK and Blackberry able to download apps off the internet this is a tie if u ask me.

Text- Blackberry has a very nice way to do texting and kepting up with them. Iphone does a great job also-tie

Cam/Video- iphone cam app sucks. Trying to take a pic by pressing a button on the screen is crap.

Music- Iphone kills everyone in this but blackberry does do a pretty good job with this.

Web- Iphone is the best here. But Blackberry isnt that bad or far behide

Crash's- I have to restart the iphone alot compair to the blackberry. Blackberry is the only phone i every own that didnt need a restart

Batt life. BB kills iphone on this . I have to chage my iphone every day or 2days. BB i can leave on for 3 to 4 days befor needing a chage.

Phone- Blackberry kills the iphone here. Sorry iphone phone sucks

Looks. Iphone is very very very sexy. I love the feel of the phone. I cant wait till the 3g iphone, Iphone i see as a more hip style phone. While the blackberry is more of a work/older style. Blackberry might not pull someones eyes like the iphone but it is not a bad looking phone at all.

Os- Iphone has very good OS, but with random crash's and hangs its not the best. Blackberry Os is very clean and runs great but might not look the the best.

Like i said I run both a Blackberry 8800 and a iphone. I cant wait till the 9000 comes out and the 3g iphone. i will be geting both.

To the people that talk about blackberrys. dont dis them bc they dont have a apple logo on them. They are great phones, and sorry to anyone with steve jobs penis is stuck in there eyes making u not able to see it

Sounding off on ingame sound {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 3:56PM I never played wow with sound. I hate MMO sounds in games. Its the same sounds from Eq and EQ2 and Daoc Just new music. Really 8 years of playing MMO i dont need to hear some orc geting hit anymore. It all sounds the same. My first wow Char was on a pvp sever and never had problems with rogs or dru ganking me bc i didnt hear them go invis :\...maybe playing with out sound makes u faster and better and better player

iPhone speaker too quiet? Stab it with needles {Engadget}

Jan 18th 2008 12:05PM I did this a long time ago. It works. I dont care if dust get under my screen. by the time it effects anything 2g iphone will be out.

Just make sure u dont JAM in to the hole. Take is slow and easy...My god that sounds bad.

But yes is works, yes it worth it

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 2:27PM FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Analysis: Is the WoW laptop worth it? {WoW}

Dec 6th 2007 3:28PM Less make it where everyone who talking trash about this very nice laptop cant enter to win it.

snice they really dont want it

Vizio slips to second in North American LCD TV sales {Engadget}

Nov 2nd 2007 10:27AM I have a samsung 42 inch 1080p lcd tv and a 32 vizio 720p tv. While the samsung is better it does slay the vizio like you guys are saying. Vizio is a fine TV and for the price its really good. Hell when i play my ps3 on the vizio or samsung it looks the same. Movies do look alittle better on my samsung but is it worth the 1500+ i payed for it. MMmmMMM not really. Im really thinkin about takin back my samsung (had it for about 2 weeks) and getin the 47inch lcd vizio for 1200 thats 1080p

Wal-Mart now selling Toshiba's A2 HD DVD player for $198? {Engadget}

Oct 25th 2007 8:56AM

web shows 279 :\...

OOO the Player is not ever 1080P? Whats the point then?

The hundred gadget giveaway: round 3 {Engadget}

Sep 4th 2007 1:43PM OOO my phone just meet the highway...that MPx would be nice replacement lol

Do you want to see 25 minutes of Killzone 2? {Joystiq}

Aug 27th 2007 3:50PM Like the other guy i do have all 3 system gamer tag extoll on XBL and same for ps3. Ok My 360 and Ps3 and Wii are never played. I play WoW the most. I dont own any games for any of the systems. I did have GoW,Gh2,Zelda,Motostorm,RFoM, few other gaes.

KZ2 does look good and almost like the E305. But it is still got alot of work ahead. By the time it comes out it will be one good game.

For the 360 people this is about like the halo3 beta and how crappy it look (yes i played it one time and deleted it). really it look like halo 2.5, But i didnt flame it, i look back and said hey it still has alot of work ahead and maybe by the time it comes out it will be good.

Now i am not going to buy Halo 3 or KZ2 just b/c i dont play many FPS and if i do pick one of the 2 up i will wait till they are 30bucks.

Sorry all 360,ps3,wii FPS are crap to computer FPS games.

Now KZ1 was avg game at best. So was Halo. Diff was Halo came out with the xbox so everyone who got a xbox jump on that ship. Now it has become one of them games that poeple think is the best game ever. Sorry Halo is a half ass FPS at best just like KZ1.

Now GoW, Yes it look good, Yes it was fun, Yes after the 1st loading screen it was over. Good game crap story way to short. I was able to beat the game in one day.

Someone stated something about KZ2 not bring anything new to the table

Games like KZ2 or Halo or Haze or GoW or UT3 cant bring anything really new to the table. These games reach the point of nothing way befor any of these games even had a name.

Go head Flame me just know this Halo is crap Kz is Crap Gow is Crap.

Multiboxing in formation with Xzin {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 4:46PM I like to hear about this type of news my self. But what i dont like is that fact that people who do this is useing keyboard crap to pull it off. Its one keyboard that sends commands out to all chars at the same time. It really doesnt take skill to do it just the money and time to set it up.

I box my self 3 chars. I have 2 accounts on one computer and 1 on anouther. I control all my chars just like you control one. I play a hunter/warrior/priest.

Give write ups on real skillz boxers and not cheap tricks boxin people