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Shifting Perspectives: Murmurs' moonkin mailbag {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 11:55PM I'm keen to improve my DPS as a Boomkin, read up on EJs,other related website but i still cant get my Boomkin higher than 10234 dps with 346gear.Frankly its embarrassing.
Reforged,gemmed and enchant (not the maelstorms enchant though) but still lagging behind other Dps.

I'm pretty sure i had the rotation right which leaves me with some burning questions on Procs.

If clearcasting comes up, do we still spam the same rotation or use a higher damage/mana skill? How bout owlkin frenzy? or Hurricane proc?
Maybe do an article on this?

BTW love your articles.Improved my gameplaying from the first day i started reading it.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 11:33PM Put it in this way, when i geared up my tank for heroics (and now raids), i read up on the subject,check and double-check if my gears are good enough,reforged,gemmed and enchant. Did my first few heroic with a guildy healer and dps so i would be familiar with mechanics.

Sounds familiar? For a tank thats what normally happens before we even think about stepping into harder contents. Imagine my dismay, not seeing the same effort being done by DPSers, running into heroic dungeon with green gears,not wanting to gem up,enchant,reforge because its just 333 gears, CBF rep farming.

DPSers require so much from the tank and heals without doing the same for themselves, thats why the author hit the nail on the spot on Blizzard rewarding or bribing tanks to go beyond their daily valor points.

If i make a mistake, tell me. If you have a better tanking solution by all means go ahead PM me, i can take advice but not the usual abuse "FAIL TANK" by a Dps who comes in heroics not properly geared up,not knowing mechanics or just by agro non marked enemies.

I even got childed for telling the random PUGs to read up before you queue for instances.

By hook or by crook, i am not really keen to run beyond my daily because as the content progresses,there are alot of ppl new or old grandmasters who have finished the latest raid content but still think its ok to PUG undergeared.