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The Classifieds: Data makes the world go round {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 8:28PM You may have been looking at the Top 100 parses for that fight. Use the Controls to change the samples to All Parses and the numbers look more like what you are talking about:

The Classifieds: Data makes the world go round {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 8:25PM It's definitely Sinestra. The way Spec Score works is that a boss doesn't factor into the calculation until it's been killed - if all specs have 0 parses for that fight it's completely left out of the calculation for the Spec Score. If a boss has been killed and there are no parses for a spec, they get a 0 on that fight. Having that 0 appear all of a sudden drops their Spec Score way down until they actually have some data on the fight.

Look at the Sinestra-specific data:

For example, first date ele shamans show up in 3/8 while the first data for other specs is 3/6. Only the specs that didn't show up in the first few days show the drop. The same is true of the other specs with the dramatic. Once they show up on the fight, their 0 turns into whatever percent of the top spec is and that raises their average far higher.

The Classifieds: Data makes the world go round {WoW}

Apr 13th 2011 7:31PM Sinestra parses started showing up on World of Logs. A new boss being killed will change up stats for a while.

Stratfu debuts web tools for raiders and guild leaders {WoW}

Jan 6th 2011 6:58PM While Kyth has stepped down from maintaining stratfu, it has been handed over. I'm not actually directly working with the current maintainer - Kyth graciously gave me hosting for these tools a while ago and I've just been using it as a place to serve from.

I'll be watching this comments thread if anyone has any ideas/suggestion/bugs to talk about as well. :)

ICC DPS analysis by spec {WoW}

May 7th 2010 10:53AM The article author has the same issue. World of Logs doesn't separate out DK tanks. For the DPS charts it shouldn't be an issue since I'm only looking at the very top DPS rankings which would not include any tanks. It doesn't detract from the DPS data - the real problem is that I can't get a full comparison of tanks since there's no DK tank data available.

ICC DPS analysis by spec {WoW}

May 6th 2010 7:46PM I built something similar that's updated every day and includes all fights in 25 man, both normal and heroic:

Meet Champions Online's Q&A lead {Massively}

Jun 27th 2008 6:47PM To be a total niggler, don't you mean QA, not Q&A? It's Quality Assurance, not Quality and Assurance.

Massively's Massive Giveaways: EVE Online {Massively}

Nov 13th 2007 11:00AM Firefly. SO. GOOD.

Shifting Perspectives: Some handy addons for your druid {WoW}

Jul 17th 2007 4:08PM RatingBuster does work for druids in forms, you just have to be in that form for it to take the talents into consideration. When in caster form, for example, it will not consider 1 Agi = 1 AP. It'll only do that calculation while you are in cat form itself.