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Countdown to Burning Crusade: Day 1 {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2007 5:06AM Win a card? Why not?

Breakfast Topic: Your worst PuG {WoW}

Feb 7th 2006 11:05AM In my experience all the problems I notice in PUGs come after you get a great PUG. When you have an instance run that is smooth and well done you tend to notice the people being retarded in your next run.

As far as the worst PUG ever I would definately have to go with any PUG going to Gnomer. At this point you have those few people who know what they are doing being completely screwed over by the people who level a character to 30 or so and then get tired and start a new one. At this point there is still no concept of classes roles and abilities. Like #4 up there, I mean no disrespect, but who was supposed to rez the priest? Hunters can't rez and neither can warriors. Unless this was an upper level group, though that seems unlikely from the general lack of understanding the adds in your group seemd to have.

I will confess though that I made my mistakes in Gnomer also. With my first character I rolled greed on a BoP that a rogue wanted. Granted this was after he rolled greed as well, at least I didn't need it off of him. So for the next 30 minutes the rogue called me a ninja and then kept wispering me. At that point I discovered /ignore.

For retarded PUGs that I was not the cause of, that would definately fall in UBRS. A warrior was yelling at the priest in his group about being a terrible healer. Well the retarded warrior then aggroed half the room before the beast and died. I then had to rez and heal him the rest of the run (I am a shaman) because the priest refused to heal a person who sassed him. Worst part was I was topping the damage meter until I had to don my healing gear to heal that rude warrior.

The final creme de la creme is any class with a pet jumping into the Rend encounter with their pet summoned. It never fails that the whole of UBRS crashes down on you and then everyone claims their pet was dead or dismissed.

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