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The art of switching your main {WoW}

Dec 29th 2006 11:47AM It's mainly gear issue, although I think most guild leaders would be hard-pressed to say it in such blunt terms. A good player is a good player regardless of class, but if a Warrior retires 6/8 T3 armor+C'thun's Tanking Neck+Thunderfury so he can play a Rogue in ZG/AQ20 gear, then the guild has lost an enormous endgame resource despite keeping a good player in-game.

And this has as much to do with Blizzard's "random" loot distribution system as it does with personal play preference. If your guild had to run MC for 50 weeks straight to assemble *one* Thunderfury, and that player decides a few weeks later than he doesn't want to play a sword-wielding class, he's just wasted all of the effort and mats that went into getting him that sword.

If the loot was all token-based (sort of like what the PvP rewards have become), then it'd be easy to get the good gear to gear up the Alts so they don't drag down a progression raid and easy to replace the specific good gear that gets retired. Otherwise, once your Thunderfury decides to hang it up, are you really going to take the time to run MC another 50 times to try to assemble another one, much less clear to C'thun repeatedly in attempts at the tanking neck?

Having said this, the expansion will change everything.