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Around Azeroth: Warlock and friend(s) {WoW}

May 30th 2007 2:11PM haha, yea. I have one. I'll have to upload it but it wouldn't do any good. I flew out to 23,95 (Outlands, that was as far as I could go away from land). Dismounted and remained in a freefall for 10minutes 30seconds before dying and ending up in the XR grave yard.

It was funny because someone in my guild made the joke, "man it would be funny if you ended up in the barrens or somewhere."

It happened just that I was tired of waiting and I had started asking some guildies to meet somewhere and summon me. Sure enough, I finally died. Conveniently there were some level 40s attacking XR as usual, so I took the time to give them a quick butt kicking before I used my astral recall to get back to Shattrath.

I thought it was pretty funny because I'm always looking for new ways to die for some odd reason. I have to be expecting/anticipating it or else it's no fun.

Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 11th 2007 1:46PM 37. Hansen, I feel exactly what you're saying bro. I've been kind of bitter off/on.

When I'm out farming or questing up in Netherstorm/Shadowmoon... I LOVE playing my shaman. When I go into a 5man, here lately, I've made up for my discontent by having my elemental spec split 39/0/22 and wearing mostly healing gear, trinkets, to boost my mana pool. Stamina stuff to boost my health points. Overall, I feel a little better and not quite as useless.

where I definately agree with you, especially with dropping 41 points into a tree I'd like to also add to that; that 41 points into any of our trees sucks because having that 40th or 41st point used in any tree always keeps us just 1 or 2 points away from something else we'll need in another tree to complete our personal specs. That usually leaves many of us with no other choice but to spec deeper into the tree. Not because there are things deeper in the tree that we would actually care for, but because we don't have enough talent points to reach anything good in any other tree. So I'm definately with ya. Dumping 41 points into a tree should do more than make my char a good "x" (caster, melee, healer).

I guess what I'm getting at, in my 4.5 months playing the game, is I hear the shammies used to receive lots of complaints of being overpowered right? So the transition looks like they've taken us from one end to the other. I read this stuff about us being a support class or us not being meant to top any of the charts or whatever whatever. I also see, atm, devs saying, "you want to do blah blah blah in and be blah blah blah in each of your specs... eff u buddy. No dice... know your role and play it."

The concerns are never ending and it's going to be a long time until we see real progress, if any at all. I was only thinking that allowing an enhancement shammy to spec for plate late in the tree would give them a bigger role. good "x" in each tree is better than better than having one tree be useless in the endgame.

My friend said, "shammies wearing plate?... what about rogues... that's not fair". With no resistance to stuns and no ability to stun... it's still a fair game. They just won't be able to take me down in 4 seconds as usual (when they get the jump.

"what about truids?" I've seen druids take down plate wearers and again I don't see the big deal. An enhancement shammy is so easy to silence and be interrupted during casting... that cuts down on the chances of him/her getting a heal off.

Maybe giving an ehn shammy plate isn't the answer but it would help people get some enjoyment out of that tree.

Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 3:34PM Here's another well balanced idea:

change our windfury? fine
change our clearcasting? fine

we have to spec for both 2-handed and dual wielding; let's us spec for plate armor also.

That's definately not too much to ask. That would improve our survivability melee wise, but still giving clothies plenty of chances to freez, pyroblast, dot, fear, silence, charm, and slow shammies as usual.

Letting us wear plate doesn't hurt anyone. Put it in the last or 2nd to last tier of the enhancement tree. Make it require 60 points in ehancement talents before it's optional.

So if our pally or healer dies: I can backup heal
If our tank get's overwhelmed: I can backup tank
Did the mage just pull agg from the tank?: I can intercept that loose mob
Did the mage die?: Eat lightening bolts
Did we all just wipe on the last boss?: No worries. self rez... drink... then rez my whole crew.

If we can't have a specialty due to being a support class, then when why not solve the viability problem by making Enhancement "enhance" group play on a larger scale?

Can't overpower us there especially since we're limited to 1 totem of each kind at a time.

In the end:
Elemental makes good support casting.
Resto makes good support healing.
Enhancement makes good support melee.

The iPhone reviewed. No, the other iPhone. {Engadget}

Jan 26th 2007 5:24PM THAT REVIEW WAS SOOOO LAME... it must've been Cisco endorsed. That phone looks like the old Nokia phones... oh wait... it probably is because they were working on some stuff with Nokia to roll out later this year I believe.

Anyway, the way Apple went about using the trademark ANYWAY was wrong. Bottom line, they wanted something and they tried to be nasty and just take it... that's wrong.

But the phone... it's nice. So nice it's makes me think, 'Quit crying Cisco because this phone makes your phone look like a "prepaid".

Apple could try iFone, iCell, iTalk, iAM (since people take apple products so personally that speaking against them is like blasphemy), or whatever. iMean iAM iTired iOf iHearing iN.E.more iStuff iBout iTAll.