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"Employee only" bronze Orc and wolf statue finds its way onto eBay {WoW}

Apr 14th 2008 11:37PM Fitting that the folks over at Forge World made these. Just about everything Blizzard releases is a rip off of some Games Workshop property.

Look familiar?
Tons more examples about 5 minutes on any Warhammer site and you'll be amazed what you find.

Starcraft is just as bad at ripping off 40k.

Essence of the Immortals gone from the Test Server {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 8:07PM People (super high end ultra nerds) had enough time to fully clear Naxx before burning crusade was released.

The major problem with Naxx and now the Sunwell is at the time no one knew how extensive the "gear reset" was going to be in burning crusade. At the time the general thinking of high end raiders was how much better off they would be leveling in the expansion with Teir 3. They figured everyone not decked out in purples would instantly die to the new level 61 hellboars.

Naxx raiders soon faced the dirty non-raiding masses in outlands with green and blue gear on par or in some cases better then gear they had slaved away for. The gear reset in burning crusade was very real.

Now we already have confirmation of another gear reset. That means the very first Frozen Boar you kill in your shiny new WOTLK expansion will drop loot better then all the stuff you have slaved away to get in Burning Crusade. I think a lot of raiders are going to run sunwell for awhile and end up quitting the game until WOTLK releases. I firmly believe this timed opening of sunwell is to help extend this for awhile at least. Racing to the end of sunwell would have just resulted in people quitting faster.

Another thing you will start to see is people dropping off the face of the earth as soon as an actual WOTLK release date is announced. You know that Teir 6 decked out tank your guild spent months on? He won't log in anymore, all your healers? They are gone too. This especially hurts casual guilds and guilds MONTHS BEHIND LOL! They tend to harbor many casual players who would rather wait for the gear reset then raid for obsolete gear.

I think blizzard is wise to this and will be holding off any official WOTLK date announcement as long as possible. Blizzard also faces some stiff competition with AOC and WAR releasing this year. Blizzard will try and posture their release date to either shutdown one of it's competitors OR mop up the unhappy players that switched to new games. With AOC releasing in 12 weeks and WAR coming at the very end of the year this could mean a late 08 release for WOTLK. If I were to put money on it I would say around November.

Blood Sport: 2.4, Arena patch {WoW}

Feb 29th 2008 10:35PM Blizzard needs to leave class balance ALONE during the middle of a season.

Around Azeroth: Pitlord in Shattrath {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 4:27PM I don't really want to give up the location of the pit lord in question. It's how I plan to boycott the 2.4 warlock lifetap nerf. It's near a major quest hub for both alliance and horde as well as several end game instances. I'll just sit out there all day killing mindlessly.

I have a 70 lock on both factions :) should be fun.

Their 2 pit lords in SMV one is immune to all CC including enslave, banish and fears. The other can be crowd controlled but may be immune to enslave now.

What does the Warlock lifetap nerf mean? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 9:56PM Also for anyone saying "oh stop crying just down rank your Lifetap" they removed all the ranks of lifetap.

What does the Warlock lifetap nerf mean? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 9:55PM The buff to mana drain was taken off it's back to 200 a tick.

This nerf is class breaking the better gear you get the worse your lifetap is. They will have to re-itemize ALL the warlock gear to make this work.

Also the tooltip on the PTR is wrong it's 15 percent health = 15 percent mana.

If they really want to nerf Lifetap fine whatever all they need to do is make 15 percent health = the same amount of mana. If you tap 1k health you get 1k mana, as simple as that. It's basically back to pre-BC non damage scaling lifetap. Connecting the returned mana amount to YOUR mana pool is why the nerf is so stupid.

This is more proof blizzard has no idea how our class works. They "nerf" mana drain in the patch notes by saying it no longer scales with your damage gear. WTF it already doesn't scale on the live servers! Then they buff the drain per tick to compensate, 300 mana a tick...well I guess they found a clue and what do you know it doesn't already scale so back to 200 a tick!

Kalagan has made it clear he only wants Warriors and Druids to PVP in arena. Reroll now and save yourself the heartache later once your class is nerfed into a hole in the ground.

Giant news from the PTR: A new build brings a new bug [UPDATED] {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2008 2:18AM Warlocks have the upper hand at what exactly in PVP? Have you BEEN inside arena's lately? It's all druids warriors and rogues. Fear has already been extensively nerfed and if you have the joys of playing an alliance warlock you probably CAN'T even use fear on 80 percent of your targets WOTF ftw.

If they want to nerf lifetap fine, this is NOT a nerf it's a total reset button on the warlock class. Warlocks DON'T self regen mana we don't have a single talent for it. Our class is BUILT and itemized around stamina and the lifetap mechanic. The only thing that needs to be done to lifetap to tone it down is decrease the spell damage coefficient.

This change makes stamina a BAD stat for warlocks. It sure is a good thing all our gear is based around this one key mechanic tons of stamina hardly any int. It's like taking stealth away from rogues, or bubble (and the hearthstone!) from a paladin, lifetap is our class defining ability.

With this nerf and the eventual nerf to improved shadow bolt (fake patch notes=real!) they will force every PVE warlock to become a crappy fire mage that can (woohoo) summon in replacements anywhere in the world!

New firmware enables PS1 games on PSP through Remote Play {Joystiq}

Dec 18th 2007 3:12PM I rip games from my own collection so yes it's legal.

I firmly believe once you won hardware or software you can and should do whatever the F you want with it. Mod it, rip it, smash it, sell it. You purchased all those rights when you plunked down the cash to buy the system or software in the first place.

Politicians who make these "laws" that govern your fair use of products YOU purchase have no idea what is going on around them. They see X amount of money in campaign fund from Y source and vote accordingly. Any monkey with half a brain can poop out the same crap on capital hill.

I don't know how remote play actually works and I don't really care. I'm not going to purchase a PS3 so I can play all my PS1 games I already own how about that. I'll gladly keep ripping them to ISO and playing them on my PSP whenever I want.

Just keep being a good little consumer whore and keep buying all the same content over and over.

New firmware enables PS1 games on PSP through Remote Play {Joystiq}

Dec 18th 2007 2:03PM Those of us running custom firmware have had this new functionality for awhile. But hey if you want to purchase all the games you already own over again more power to you.

Drool: Orange Box goes gold! {Joystiq}

Sep 27th 2007 7:43PM No breaks for bioshock until episode 3 ships. Code name for Ep3 Burgundy Box.