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PTR notes: Arena weapons buffed slightly {WoW}

May 14th 2007 9:01PM Meh - Arena is a joke. I was hoping they would fix the whole honour system where you got rewards based on putting in endless hours. I didn't expect the fix would be getting rewards for putting in only a couple of hours.

For some classes (mine especially) the arena gear is some of, if not the best, items you can get in the game. 3-4 hours every week and I get a new piece very 3-4 weeks.
What does this mean? It means that after 3 months of raiding, and progressing into SSC, I have no tier 4, no tier 5, and for those bosses we spend hours wiping on, we all have nothing. In fact, I use only 1 epic from a raid instance, the rest of my non-arena gear coming from crafted or heroic sources.
It also means that after 3 months of Arena where I play 3-4 hours a week in a 5v5 team that stuffs around yet manages to hold a 50/50 win ratio, I have 3 pieces of area gear and get my 4th this week.

And people wonder why players don't want to spend countless hours farming for pots and food and other buffs for the chacne that they will get no rewards. Why guilds break up over their lack of progression due to attendance issues. etc al.
Lets face it, if there is a system that rewards players with better or compareable gear even if they loose, thats much better than one that doesn't.

Loving my arena gear. Keep up the good work Blizzard

What is the ideal raid size? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 8:12PM I am glad 40 mans are gone. As a officer and raid leader for over 2 years I can tell you right now, that running a raid is more work than the actual raid. The 20 mans were the most fun I really had. Easier to organise, less people to manage and, because it was smaller, I could take the quality people, and leave the chaff behind (I reckon 15 people of every 40 man raid were just "warm bodies").

As #20 said the extra 5 man covers the addition of the extra class, and in my view doesn't change the overall feel.
25 mans are fantastic as you have more techinically challenging encounters as every person in the raid is important. This pushes you to be better, improve your skills and not to stuff it up. The feeling of downing a boss because you have used all your abilities is far superior than downing a boss because you spammed the "2" button for 10 minutes. While more people on vent lifts the apparent excitement (Similar in that a movie seems better if the cinema is packed compared to empty) levels, those memories have not lasted as much as the ones where we as a small group, reached up our arses and pulled out something magical.

Blizzard disqualifies top teams from Arena tournament {WoW}

May 14th 2007 7:57PM I can see by reading posts here and on the forums that common sense is still one of the rarest drops in the game of real life. So I won't go there.

However I want to offer a big *HUG*
to Elizabeth as I feel sorry for her having friends that who take advantage of her and in doing so, give her such a cynical outlook on WoW players in general.

Showin' that Aldor pride {WoW}

May 10th 2007 9:42PM I saw her there amongst the trees
she was collecting herself some weed
I had never seen such a beauty
never knew what I now did need

Discarding my sword in some stray wolf
I told her how I felt
she smiled at me and wagged her tail
and I felt my cold heart melt

It wasn't long from that time
our two paths became as one
Was it destiny? Was it fate?
or was it too much rum?

We set out to explore together
and see all of the land
From fishing in the Zangramarsh
to hunting in Nagrand

And when wiping out the celfthoof
A tip I would like to share
Its quicker to leave a trail of bodies
If you do it as a pair

Her blue skin, and piercing eyes
concealed a secret she did not share
and despite my noble blood elf heritage
I wondered at the stares

But then I found the cause
When her quest log I secretly read
I confronted her and asked the question
and this is what she said

I am loyal to the Aldor
No matter what you might say
It hurts me that your Scryer
But our love will find a way

I don't care your Aldor, I said
I mean the rep rewards are good
Its the horns and the tail
And sometimes its the hooves

I could handle an undead woman
and I would take a troll right now,
But there is something really wrong
When your sleeping with a cow

I am not a cow you androgenous elf!
and in this I would never lie
I am one of few surviving demons
I am a proud Draeni

What the hell's a dreeny





And with that she rain off crying
perhaps I was a little rude
she did have cute horns and a waggly tail
but she shouldn't have poisoned our food!

Scryer FTW ;)

A few tips for starting Heroics {WoW}

May 9th 2007 7:57PM As someone who farms heroics daily, I remember when we first started and will stress whats said above in that gear is important. You must be decked out in the best end game blues you can get in every slot, unless you enjoy slogging through 6 hours of painful wipes.

While a balanced group is more flexible, there is no class that is a "must" for any heroic. Skill shows through here more than anything. On some pulls, our hunter will double trap mobs off a pull (ie frost trap two mobs at the same time), on others our shadow priest will MC a mob to their death, then MC another mob and offtank (great in shadow labs), and on others the warlock will enslave a mob and we will spam heal it while that mob takes down the rest of the pack (Mech), or our shaman will frost shock kite a mob around indefinetly while we kill the other (slavepens).
Heroics are about thinking outside the box, using all your abilities and staying focused.Its amazing how many people forget that I can hibernate mobs.

As for the easiest ones - All the Coilfang ones really aren't that hard. You will need to do slavepens at some stage to start your attunement for Serpentshrine so its a recomended start regardless (and moreso if you are up to Nightbane in Kara or attempting Gruul). Underbog has far to much trash in it, but is still easily doable (tip - grounding totem asorbs horror effects).
I recomend avoiding ramparts in the begining. Its a little to gear intensive at the end for most starters. Heroic Mechenaar is extremely easy once you learn where to skip mobs and which pulls are the nasty ones (tip: silence or stun during charged fist works wonders).

If your only just starting heroics now here are the best two tips I can offer:
1. Wait until the patch. Its probably this or next week anyways so its not far off. The patch is going to tone down some of the damage done by mobs in heroics as well as remove a fair bit of the trash and increase the rewards.
2. Speak to someone who has done that heroic before. The most important information you can get is which mobs are CC'able and which aren't (Tip: Rule of thumb, female naga's are CC'able, male are not), which mobs you should kill first (tip: the healer! ;)) and if there are any significant tactic changes on bosses (Eg. Heroic Murmur).

Most of all have fun. Heroics might be the same instance, but they are a real step up in skill level and really push your abilities. You might die a few times learning that first heroic or two, but its a great feeling of accomplishment when you conquer it.

Rob Pardo talks content with Businessweek {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 9:04PM While Illidan appears to work for the Legion, and despite Sunstriders betrayal, he also works against them, in an effort to remove them once and for all. This is more than just killing their leader/s but involves destroying every possible means to get from the Twisting Nether to our universe. Since these seem at the moment to be located on Draenor, it would be most likely that any plan to do such would most likely destroy whats left of Outland.
At the same time Illidan is also allied with Deathwing whose experiments with cross breeding and mutating different dragon types (Part of which his son, Nefarion worked on) has lead at least to the creation of the Infinite Dragonflight. To Illidan this would be a plan b. If he cannot save the universe, then at least he can help Deathwing preventing certain things from happening, the result being to his advantage. While you would suspect neither understand the consequences of their actions in relation to the timeline, Deathwing knows fully well what each step entails. What Deathwings purpose is here though, one can only speculate.
When players finally interupt Illidans plans and save Outlands (at the same time stopping the final destruction of the Burning Legion) then the battle will move to a different front.

While heros will need to defend the timeline, Deathwing himself must be found and the corruption to the Emerald Dream will help point the way.
However, he will be forgotten as Arthas plays his hand and pushes south from Northrend. This will begin the next war.

Arthas's forces will quickly overwhelm the northern sections of the Eastern Kingdoms as Arthas makes his way to Lorderan to not only repay an old debt, but to secure his former capital.
Sylvannas will call for aid, but realising she is no match for Arthas will push forward her plans and begin the release of a new plague, the one designed to destroy all life on Azeroth.
The Alliance will get wind of her plans and push toward to prevent them as well as to confront Arthas's forces. The order of the Silver Hand, reformed under the leadership of Tirion Fordring will form a force that will delay Arthas considerably in Northrend, but will it be enough.

However, the horde will not get involved. While these events unfold on Azeroth, the Burning Legion will quickly move to take full control of Outlands. The Maghar and Mok'nathal will call upon Thrall and Rexxar to aid them lest they be overwhelmed. Kil'Jaedan (sp?)will resume control of the Black Temple and step up the summoning of Demons to form his army.
With the forces normally in Outlands depleted due to events on Azeroth, A'dal will push all together and move to stop Kil'Jaedan. Horde and Alliance forces will descend once again upon the Black Temple, aided by the Naruu. With the aid of players, the Black Temple will crumble away to reveal a crystaline structure underneath, the true temple, the original one, where the Naruu once sat to be revered as Gods. A'dal will release his energy, the blast will destroy Kil'Jaedan and the light, focused through the structure of the revealed temple will send a wave through Draenor that will pull much of it back together, healing the land. A'dal's essence will sink beneath the temple to slumber in a tomb below.

Meanwhile on Azeroth, the Kingdom of Gilenas (spelling?) (The one south of the Grey Wall) - will call for aid from any who would help for their kingdom is being invaded by Naga. The Naga have constructed a few tunnels from their home in the Maelstrom to move into Azeroth as a force, and with them are the Old Gods, unleashed from their prison by the remaining high magic of the Naga.
The Blood Elves however, learn little about any of this. Representatives of the Scryer faction have returned to Silvermoon and informed their people of the betrayal and death of Kael'thelas. This throws the blood elves into civil war, for not only do many not believe the accounts given, many nobles now move to fill the void in the Blood Elf Hierachy.
The Trolls of Zul'Aman - well aware of the squabbling inside Silvermoon take the opportunity to exact revenge on its now disorganised former foe.

While Darnasus is aware of the happenings on Azeroth, its focus lies on the strange events that have happened in its city. Malfurion, rescued from the Emerald dream is weak, and rests in seclusion in Moonglade. Fandrel is none to pleased about his return though and Tyrande is anxious for Malfurion is distant, barely acknowleding her when she vists. Fandrels ire is raised moreso when Malfurion orders him to send word through the Cenarion to all alliance and horde people of the threat Deathwing represents, and asking for their aid. They must enter Grim Batol for there is one there that can unite the Dragonflights against Deathwing.
Fandrel refuses to take orders from Malfurion suggesting he is not fit for leadership. Malfurion agrees and hands leadership to Fandrel before leaving, without Tyrande. Fandrel, as obvious as always, complies with Malfurions orders, though accredits the discovery of the information to himself.

Unbeknowst to all though, Deathwing has descended on Uldum. While his progeny may be dead, he had succeeded where they failed and created a chromatic dragon. A being powerful enough to defeat the guardian of Uldum. Inside, Deathwing begins using the anceint artifacts of the Titans to refine his creation, his new brood, the flight that will rule all of Azeroth. But it is more complex than he thought, the magic of the Titans are almost beyond his reach. But Uldum was more than a workshop, it was also the central hub for the Titans efforts across the cosmos. Ancient constructs mark the races of the universe in an ever changing map. He can see the places the Legion had invaded, can see that Draenor was the key, for portals to all places could be opened from that world. Yet it had its limits. Each portal on Outlands would only ever open up to one specific place, hence the dark portal, between Azeroth and Draenor would always only ever open up to be exactly that, a portal between Azeroth and Draenor. Uldum however held one more portal, one whose destination could change with the use of the map that surrounded it. But its activation required more power than Deathwing was capable of. He would need to ascend, and to do that, he would need his brethren. Fortunately he had thought this might be the case, and had set events in motion. All he had to do was wait, and once again, they would come to him.

In Outlands, the Naruu have secured the Black Temple as their new base, and send out their allies to confront and take control of the remaining portals on Draenor. At the same time, others move to explore the new land brought in by the magic of A'dal, some joined back to Draenor and some floating close enough to be reachable. Remenants of other gates are found along with some old artificats. The Naruu order the securing of these old gates and their repair.
Meanwhile, Illidan, who fled to a secret chamber deep under the Black Temple and been preparing for his next step is surprised by the emergence of a powerful essence at the end of one of the large chambers. Its a crystal of pure darkness, a void that distorts everything around it, as if drawing and bending the light into itself. He recognises something in it. Something that calls to a part of him that he has never fully accepted. Something....demonic.

In the future of Warcraft, you will help free Malfurion from the Emerald Dream, confront the forces of Arthas in Northrend, Aid the Kingdom of Gilenas (sp?)against the Naga and descend into the Maelstrom to face the Gods of old. You will explore more of the Outlands and fight against the armies of the Burning Legions eventually using their own gates to venture to their universe, the Twisting Nether where you will attempt to end their threat forever. You will enter the Grim Batol to answer many new questions and to unite the Dragonflights. You will venture amongst the ruins of the Titans City to stand against the armoured form of Deathwing and then, journey to various worlds in the universe, some of which still fight against the armies of the legion.

However - I could just be making this all up ;)

Forum post of the day: "Blizz, help me find the gold I bought" {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 7:11PM I remember back when I first started playing in December 2004. I started with a couple of mates, 1 of which I leveled with regularly. We had lots of fun and when I hit level 40 there was this option to buy a mount. Both my mate and I had like 9 gold each if that. How the hell was anyone able to afford this?!
To make matters worse, my mate was a Palidan. So here I am running everywhere while he rides.
If there had been gold advertisement back then, would I have bought some? Hell yes! Would I have understood the ramifications of what I was doing? Nope. The fact that it was advertised in game, both through tells and the mail system would suggest to me that this activity is sanctioned by the game owners. How would I know any different?
When I ran into problems back then I would consult my manual. It had this great glossary in the back that taught me all the words that people were using. Agro, mob, LFG etc just to name a few. If Blizzard actually had somewhere easily referenceable regarding gold selling, then perhaps they would not be inundated with what the rest of us percieve as highly amusing questions.

Five tips for guild applications {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 9:46PM While alot has been covered by the above (spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization etc),as a raid leader of a hardcore raiding guild here are some tips that will help you regardless:

1. Answer all questions in full. If they ask you to explain something, explain it. You can tell when someone has spent a decent amount of time on their application. Anyone willing to put in the effort to make a good app, will put in the effort to be a good guild member.

2. Expect questions and critique. A common tactic I use both for WoW and for hiring in my department at work is to drill someone on why they did/chose something, even if I know the answer, and even if they did the right thing. What is important is their response.

3. Don't swear. Sure, many guilds might state up front that *you* must be able to tolerate foul language while in the guild, but it still looks bad on an app.

4. Read all their details both about applying and about the guild first. We list our raid times and our expectations in attendance yet we still get people applying who can't meet those requirements.

5. Party with their guild members and keep in contact with officers. If you see a member of the guild your trying to get into organising an instance run, get involved if you can. If thats not possible, then chat to their officers and let them know that your free to do something. I will often let everyone know in guild chat that such-and-such is applying for the guild and is looking to group up for something. Getting to know people gets you into guild.

Hope that helps :)

Build Shop: Warrior 17/41/3 {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 9:11PM In general - Hoss has it right and Clagar sums it up nicely as well. A few extra things I would add:

If your just starting or leveling a warrior, Mortal Strike is just as good as Fury for leveling. However, until you get to Outlands, mortal strike is easier to gear for as you don't need to worry about %to hit unless you are going 2handed fury which is fine.

Fury is all about AP. Eliah suggests about 50% of your damage is white; actually, its alot higher, more like 75%. This is vital to remember when choosing weapons. DPS is > weapon SPD - always. While different people prefer different speed weapons, the only attack that goes of your weapon's damage range (ie speed) is whirlwind and its a cooldown based rage dump anyways.

If your dual wielding, your base miss rate is 24%. Every 1% to hit is effectively 1% more DPS. Against a raid boss (or any mob labeled "boss" or is a "skull"), due to the way the table is layed out, if you have no to hit gear, you maximum chance to crit is 18% (rounded down for ease of use). Even if your gear gives you 80% crit rate, the table is only big enough to allow 18% of it to work. Every 1% to hit you add allows an extra 1% to crit to work. To this end, your crit rate should should never be > your %to hit + 18. Then again, to hit and AP are always better than crit anyways.

If you intend to raid you help guarantee your spot by providing utility. Improved Thunderclap and Improved Demoralising Shout provide this. Even if your tank is spec'ed for IMP thunderclap, against a boss, initially they will be using a host of other moves instead. Laying down the thunderclap early for them provides good mitigation.

Improved Cleave is an awesome rage dump as once spec'ed it does more damage than heroic strike but generates less threat. Imp Whirlwind is a bad rage dump, though still strong for 2handed Fury, which should also take Imp slam.

Improved Execute is much better than Thirx thinks. "I'll say it again: Imp Execute is only "ok". 5 less rage means an extra 105 damage, or 210 added onto a crit." is the wrong way to look at it. Execute is a fixed amount of damage. How many executes can Thirx do with 30 rage? 2. How many can you do with Improved Execute? 3. Of course that is an over simplification, but that is how it works. An improved execute warrior will do many more executes than one who isn't spec'ed such and thus markedly more DPS. Far more than adding 12.5% damage to your offhand.

If you want to PvP, go mortal strike. Yes you can do well as fury, but even a scrub mortal strike warrior is better to have around. If you just solo pve and mix in world/bg pvp - all specs are fine as its just your fun. If your going to raid, you are a tank before you're DPS. Your better spending your extra points in protection to allow some offtank capacity than going heavy into arms (with defiance a priority). Of course this last is based on guild makeup more than anything.

Hope that helps

Breakfast topic: Knee-slappers {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 8:21PM Two of my all time favourites:

Its all quite in the Alliance city of Ironforge as all the intrepid raiders lounge around after yet another successful boss kill, when a big comotion breaks out.
Striding into Ironforge is a horde warlock.
He looks around a moment, snickers and then snorts out in the general direction of Ironforge's best "Carebears".
The warlock then turns and strides out.
A couple of Alliance hero's follow and soon the sounds of battle can be heard. Not long after the warlock strides back in and laughs at the now somewhat baffled Alliance.
"Is that the best you can do?" he says before turning and once again, walking out.
The alliance start murming amongst themselves and quickly a large raid forms and marches out to squash this warlock once and for all. The sounds of battle rage outside for many minutes when suddenly, all goes quite.
The remaining alliance hero's wait expectantly until, once again, the horde warlock strides into Ironforge.
"Thats it? I thought you guys were 1337!"
He laughs, makes a rude gesture and walks out again.
"Thats it!" cries a well known Alliance raider, "This warlock wants to see alliance might, then we shall form up all the best 70's and send him back to the Horde, one piece at a time"
The Alliance quickly form an army of all the best geared 70's and they pour out of Ironforge to squash the miserable Horde warlock.
The rest of the Alliance wait patiently as the sounds of battle rage, then hold their breaths as the sounds die out. Soon, a lone alliance crawls dying back into Ironforge and with his last dying breath, looks at the rest of the gathered alliance and says "It was a trap, there were two warlocks!!"


A Murloc walks into a bar, approaches the bartender and says, “Marlgulargharglargh”. The bartender says, “We don’t serve Murlocs here, take a hike!” So the Murloc leaves.
The next day, the Murloc comes back, approaches the bartender and says, “Marlgulargharglargh”. Again, the bartender says, “We don’t serve Murlocs here, get out!”. So the Murloc leaves.
The next day, the Murloc comes back, approaches the bartender and says, “Marlgulargharglargh”. Now the barktender is pissed off. He says, “If you come in here and say ‘Marlgulargharglargh’ again, I’m gonna nail your hands to your arse!”
The very next day, the Murloc returns. He walks slowly to the bar, climbs up on a stool and fixes the bartender with a long stare. The bartender stares back.
Finally, the Murloc says, “Do you have any nails?”
The bartender blinks in surprise and after a moment says, “Uh, no.”