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Pushing the limits of a class trinity {WoW}

Mar 12th 2007 1:30PM Best crowd control class I've ever played was the bearucrat from Anarchy Online, a pet user of sorts you had both a summoned pet and you could MC any mob in the game to use for a short amount of time what made this unique was the fact that while you MC'd the mob you could still move around and function fully, the crat had mezzes, stuns snares and root (AoE too of those) also the crat had the best buff in any game i've seen, xp buffs 8,12,75% add'l xp would make a great 4th class. :) something similar at least.

Warlock Spells: Incinerate {WoW}

Feb 1st 2007 10:14AM I play a 62 lock Demo spec, to say locks are a glass cannon is...well it's just not true, I have about 7k hp and +489 shadow dmg (probably not the best but it still hurts) I can take on multiple mobs/players at once ususaly with out even resorting to fear. the new incenerate spell looks like alot of fun for dest locks and I'm going to have fun using it anyways because immolate is part of my regular castin que. casters with mega hp FTW