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Breakfast Topic: Your worst PuG {WoW}

Feb 8th 2006 3:48PM Ugh... I was such a complete mongoloid when I first started playing- I was def the worst part of any PuG I was in. It was really atrocious.

One of the first groups I was in had two druids, myself included. For some reason- it's so embarrassing to have ever been this stupid- some part of my brain decided I should only worry about healing the other players in the group. Well, the other druid was doing a better job of that and kept drawing the aggro... and I just kept letting him/her die. WHY, GOD, WHY?! This happened too many times to admit bef they finally kicked me out.

The sad thing about being such a No0b when you're a noob is that there is NOTHING you can do to redeem yourself to those that witnessed (and suffered from) your retardation.

Honestly though, there has been a vast improvement from lvl 18 to lvl 57. *sigh*