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To soothe the savage player {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 1:31PM I've never heard any music beyond the intro screen and first zone music. I've had it off since launch and generally listen to or my own music while playing. I don't know how WoW music could even compete with custom radio stations.

So my favorite in game music is out of the game. I think the only game I've played with music on in the last year was Metroid Prime 3.

Is rerolling worth it? {WoW}

Oct 29th 2007 2:30PM I've rerolled across a bunch of servers. I started on one, got 2 to 60, then a friend was on another server on horde so I jumped, got to 50 before another friend wanted me to play on her server, got 3 to 60 before BC came out and had like 6 60s when BC launched across 4 servers. Now I mostly hang out on 1 server, but I'll still play other places sometimes when I'm bored and still am levelling alts for those few classes I never played.

But yea, as others have said always take mining as it's guaranteed money. I started and undead mage fresh before BC came out, no help, no cash and easily got 20g by level 20 from copper (~3g a stack) and had my mount money by mid 30s. Skinning also made a little extra cash for work you're already doing along the way too. Playing a paladin or warlock on a new server is also a huge help because you don't have to worry about mount money.

Another thing, the walking does suck, but that should be improved the next patch. My personal feeling is that I'd never play another class that has no walk speed ups before 40. So that means the top classes for reroll consideration are Shaman, Hunter and Druid. Druid gets the cat talent in the 20s to speed up catform, and the true travel at 30.

Mage is also *okay* because if you blink as soon as the cooldown is up it's almost a 15% speedup and you can portal. Rogues (on PvP especially) are really nice because you won't get ganked as much, you can avoid mobs and you get sprint every 3.5-5 minutes. Warrior's charge feels like you're moving faster if you use it well.

Priests, Paladins, Warlocks are so slow you want to cry.

I've played every class except a rogue (working on it) to 60. My favorite overall to play is a hunter, I just wish that we didn't have to burn through so many bullets in PvP. :) My second favorite is a druid though I can never decide if I want to spec for tanking or healing. I'd say priest was probably my least favorite, even though I probably have the most /played on the priest.

Spiritual Guidance: Priestly racials {WoW}

Jul 30th 2007 10:44AM The only useful talent night elf priests have is shadowmeld, for instances where a pull might go bad and you're just going to hang back and see how it goes.

Oh, and wisp spirit because priests usually die a lot when grinding and are first to die in pvp. ;)

If elune's grace was targetable, it could be useful, giving someone being attacked little breather room, or reduce the damage on a tank for awhile. If starshards wasn't a waste of time channel, it could be useful too, even if it did a life drain, was a dot, or dot something useful, but it's rarely used.

My first character was a night elf priest, and I played till the 50s before I knew anything about fear ward. (because you don't hear about it till you start raiding) I also didn't even get elune's grace till the 50s and didn't miss it. I quit playing that priest over a year ago, and it's just gotten worse, you've got Draenei that get fear ward AND a racial mana tide.

They really should have just given all of these priest talents to all of the priest classes, or at least allowed you to train the two that best fit your spec/playstyle.

But I guess Night elf racials are just about as bad as Blood Elf and Troll's, so ah well.

Adding to the Azeroth map {WoW}

May 14th 2007 9:31AM @1 Well, she didn't say 'next' Tuesday, but I'm sure it will be a Tuesday. Just as vague as the CM's. Looks like you're learning well. ;)

Tseric may not be the most popular person right now but... {WoW}

May 11th 2007 9:45AM With every instance at least requiring people to listen, something like this should be in the game. This was one of the coolest things about xbox live, and that was released years ago.

What Blizzard should have done on the UI front was host their own curse-gaming style site. Players could have uploaded their UI's under their account names (their preferred character name would appear on the webpage) and if it became a super popular UI mod that enhanced the game, blizz could take it, rework it a bit, reward that person with a couple months free play time and put it in the game. Everyone wins! The mod developers cause they get 'something' for their effort, blizz cause they get great, well tested ideas and code and the commnuity with a better UI.

The UI was the big reason I stuck with this game and never could go play another MMO. Being a coder, if I didn't like something I could tweak it, or find someone else who did. It was sometimes more fun than actually playing. But anyway, the workload doesn't 'need' to be that big when you have thousands doing free outsourced work.

Why does everyone want to DPS? {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 1:43PM Healing should have been better at the design phase, and improved at the expansion, but nothing ever changed. They should have taken less emphasis off active, "heal bot" healing and put more on inactive healing. Even though the shamans healing stream never healed for that much, I loved how it worked. All hybrids should have had more automatic heals.

I'd have made paladins seals (wisdom/light) should have healed/mana'd up their group when the paladin attacked, not when other people attacked. Concecration should have had a healing effect on it and devotion aura should have also had a healing/mana regen effect. (the armor bonus for most people in a group was useless) A holy paladin became a mana efficient priest with no reason to ever go into melee range.

Priests heals (and possibly other classes) should have done something on an over heal. I always hated healing and seeing on SCT that I healed for 500 with like 3000 wasted cause someone just hit a heal a second before I did. That bonus should have put a HOT buff, or some other bonus on the target so they didn't have to worry about them for awhile and could throw off a few fun attacks or see the battle.

Druids were more fun to play because HOT's usually required less attention but healing touch with certain specs became a completely useless ability... Adding the feral imp leader was nice, even if it was nerfed.

Anyway, the game would have been more fun for healers if they only had to focus on 50-75% healing rather than 100% healing, and if you miss a heal or the game lags we die. No DPS class in the game had to focus that much, and even the main tank except in certain boss transitions has that much responsibility either.

Healer burnout was a problem even back in the day when auto heal mods allowed healers to see the game, when they took those out, and gave very little back, thats when most people wanted to try different specs. Some found those good, but ultimately healing is broken, and its looking better in future MMO's. (like LOTR's)

WoW Moviewatch: Learn 2 Play {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 1:06PM And this really was the difference between the endgame and the 1-70. It took me about a 6 months to get to 60 on my fist character and I played really casually, then if you want to advance in a guild you have to raid or PvP nearly everyday or you get left behind.

The expansion was worse because of all of the monumental rep grinds, raiding one day, instances for rep grinds another day, farming another day, no time for a break.

The big difference was, in the 1-70, the game rewarded you for taking time off by giving you rest bonus and you knew that the gear you got at this level would basically be junk automatically in a few days as you levelled up.

The should have implemented some idea of rest bonus for rep so that the same progression was felt (take time off, get rep faster, get gear from rep) I think the quests that they have in the expansion that are locked to once a day are a good idea, I wouldn't have locked it to every day (as that just forces players to still log in every day), but maybe like 3 times a week.

In the end all it matters is that Blizzard get the $15 a month from someone. If they log in a few times a week and have fun, or everyday, it doesn't matter. Someone logging in weekly should be able to attain useful upgrades and improvement at endgame without months of devotion.

I loved the game, but the thought of devoting 500+ hours to running instances to getting items that will be obsolete when the next expansion hits, theres better things I could do with my time. However I'd continue playing if I could get something meaningful out of 100 hours. After spending about that much time in the endgame and not seeing anything, I threw in the towel.

Forget Warlocks, nerf Imps {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2007 11:02AM The imps were doing a ton of damage, some of the forum posts say over 600 dps, and they could get a lot of big damage off in a hurry. It made them basically unusable for damage in instances (the only time you'd have them out anyway) and overpowered in PvP.

I remember tanking Quagmirran on my druid and when he was around 20% the warlock had his imp attacking, and it pulled aggro over everyone and died 1 hit. No-one else but me got aggro after that. I was like damn, I've never seen an imp pull aggro off a boss, I guess this explains it. ;)