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Blizzard apologises for GLBT blunder {WoW}

Feb 16th 2006 5:16PM Silvertusk wrote: He's only a child, and if this whole things attracts more homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders to the game, Blizzard had better to a smack-up job of keeping those players' exploits to themselves.

Wow... you really are ignorant of what it means to be GLBT, aren't you? I understand your confusion, as there are some absurdly inaccurate stereotypes running around in our society, but you might want to question some of your beliefs. I assure you that your 11 year old brother is FAR more likely to hear explicit sexual language from the gazillions of straight, adolescent male gamers in WoW than he is from any of the LGBT gamers... even if only due to the vast disparity in population size. The belief that LGBT individuals are somehow more flagrantly sexual than straight individuals is nothing more than a myth. Yes, there are some very "in-your-face" people in the LGBT world, but there are a lot of flagrantly promiscuous straight people in the world too. If you're going to bash LGBT individuals based on the sexual behavior of a small subset of that group, I'd love to know when you're going to take action against all of the cheating straight people who contribute to the astronomical divorce rate in this country...

Blizzard apologises for GLBT blunder {WoW}

Feb 10th 2006 7:09PM Tryst wrote: In this case, it was the homosexual players who were trying to get away from other players using words like fag and gay, so aren't they the ones who are trying to get away from sexuality in the game, not the other way around?

There's a difference between trying to escape from bigotry and avoiding talking about a fundamental aspect of your own personality. When people use "fag" or "gay" in a derogatory manner, that has *nothing* to do with sexuality and *everything* to do with prejudice and intolerance. I prefer GLBT friendly guilds because the **prejudice** is missing... The opportunity to speak plainly about yourself just like all of the privileged straight folk get to do should absolutely still exist.

Blizzard apologises for GLBT blunder {WoW}

Feb 10th 2006 11:31AM What some of you who are cisgendered and heterosexual fail to realize is that *you* are allowed to exhibit your own sexuality in a great many ways during your day, and nobody every gives you any grief over it. We're not talking about overt sexual behavior here, but rather little things like commenting upon an attractive member of the opposite sex, mentioning something about your spouse or describing a date you went on to a friend. You also get to go through your day with almost no chance of hearing your orientation used as an insult. Well, in this spat with Blizzard, that is all we want too. Of COURSE any sort of overt sexual language is inappropriate in the game - no matter WHAT the orientation or gender of the speaker is! But we're all people with lives and feelings, and your "harmless" little attempts to dehumanize us by not letting us speak about ourselves equally is EXACTLY the sort of thing that makes some sickos feel justified in attacking us with hatchets and guns!