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Should Oceanic realms get their own progression? {WoW}

Sep 17th 2007 9:57PM Wow. Thats a pretty narrow minded point of view Mike. w2g in showing the Aussies that all Americans really are jerks. You report EU and US firsts as separate dont you? Is it the server farms or is it the regional division that makes you do so? The only reason Oceania doesn't have its own dedicated server farm is because Blizzard is cheap and Oceania is used to being screwed over by video game companies. I play everyday with at least 400ms and can never play Tuesday nights without some issue. Its a pretty darn different atmosphere to play WoW in. Why don't you come try it sometime?

Japanese PlayStation Store update is full of PSX love {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 30th 2007 10:28PM @1 - If you whined like that in the US updates post that would have been fine... But I live in Japan...

LOOK at that list... half of it is crappy PS1 games no one in there right mind will buy. The US has tons of worthwhile game demos that haven't appeared on the Japanese Network store and last I checked Bladestorm and maybe Minna no Golf 5 is the only demo that only the Japanese store has. Those will go up on the US store as soon as release dates are announced of course.

2 pachinko games... wonderful. :/

Just do what everyone else outside the US does and make a US account. No point on whining about it because at the end of the day the content that goes up is decided by licensing issues.. not some deep desire to screw you specifically over. Btw only Europe is getting the awesome tv tuner/recorder... suck it up.

Trust me, everything is under control {WoW}

Aug 21st 2007 12:42AM My sympathy to all my fellow Prot Pallies.

I was grinding Runecloth outside the Tomb of Uther... 6 lvl 52 undead is not a problem for a lvl 53 Prot Pally... yet I would have lower level people come try and "help me". Tagging the group with consecration helps but its just darn irritating.

At this point if I see a Paladin or a Mage pulling multiple mobs I stay back and maybe throw them a heal/buff.

Does everyone really expect us to be Retardins messing up their pulls? Even when we are using sword and board and have Blessing of Sanctuary up? Cmon. :/

Bladestorm bundle to invade Japan later this month {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 20th 2007 11:53PM @MYPS3KilledMy360

Bladestorm is NOT Dynasty Warriors. I played through the demo twice... its quite crap. You don't actually have direct swing/attack control of yourself. You take control of a unit of troops using X then hold down R1 to have everyone auto attack and swing periodically. The rest of the face buttons are a unified block, special attack, and coordinated attack. However you can only use it once and then the reset timer locks each one out for at least 10 seconds. Which basically means you stand right in front of a Gate Keeper guy and you just hold down R2 waiting for your character to hit him every couple seconds.

Its really dull. More like Kessen... Not Dynasty Warriors. You don't even get to mash buttons and have 1v1 officer battles.

Anyone who played the demo will not be buying this game.

People need to stop assuming stuff about Japan PS3 front and actually look it up.

Six quest packs planned for Folklore {Joystiq Playstation}

Aug 20th 2007 11:41PM No "quest packs" up on the PSN Network when I checked on Update Friday (Yes, updates are Friday here... not Thursday).

What is currently up is the 2nd downloadable Folk. The first one was a flying pig and was a limited time offering. The game's internal browser website lets you know the time frame and etc etc. This 2nd one is the mascot of Famitsu Weekly. They stink therefore they are free.

Bring on the horizontal changes, please {WoW}

Aug 13th 2007 10:42PM Adding more mid-level zones won't make things better imho. There are plenty of zones they just suck a little compared to Outland. I think it really should be about refining what there is.

1. Improving the curve a little so the grind isn't as slow. It isn't racing you through... its just making it less miserable. Why wouldn't they want you to get to Outland faster?! Its fun!

2. Adding more quests to midlevel zones. There is plenty of space! More quests means less grinding if they are creative quests with high challenge and high exp rewards.

3. Raise the item drop rate across the board for miserable quests in zones that will be getting new quests. The new quests will compensate for the lost of indirect grinding exp and make people less pissed about killing 50 merlocs and only managing to get 3 eyes.

Lastly... new professions (woodworking yes!) and battlegrounds and what is all the way to go.

Say no to new mid-level zones. I rather them work on useful things. And will people stop QQing about how everything in this game is made for endgame? It isn't! Be rational will you!

The latest on Priest racial abilities {WoW}

Aug 9th 2007 10:07PM I hoped all the classes would eventually get their own racial abilities depending on class... oh well

It was nice that choosing a race meant more than just Stoneskin or improved use of Axes. Each race and class combination was going to give you a different way to play and add depth to the game. Now its just vanilla. Great.

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 8:33PM Wow. Nice work guys. I totally want one of those. :)

New Folklore demo is great - let us tell you why {Joystiq Playstation}

Jun 2nd 2007 9:28PM Two notes:

Fixed Camera! Not during in the battle sections! In any battle area you should have been able to use the right analog stick to rotate the camera. The camera was only fixed in areas such as town which I don't think is a bad thing.

Since you dont know Japanese you might not haved picked up on the fact that (or just not mentioned) the more souls you pick up of a certain folk type it unlocks attributes or power ups. Also in the fight with the rather large bird Folk if you rip its soul out you get it as a summon but if you just keep hammering on it you get an item. That seems nice for when you have maxed out all your unlocks on a certain Folk type. Lastly... you get bonuses for ripping out more than one soul at once. So its kind of cool to try and knock out multiple Folks at once and go for the bonuses.

Just wanted to highlight a bit of deeper gameplay to what seems like a really simple system.

Reader UI of the Week: Silph {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2007 10:38PM This is a really fantastic ui. I wish the submitter would put together a zip of his compilation... I could really enjoy this UI with my pally tank...