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Forum Post of the Day: Twinks ruin low level BGs {WoW}

Feb 6th 2007 11:48AM I play a 19 sword spec rogue twink on Balnazzar server. Enchant-wise, he's only half way there, but everything else, he's twinked through the teeth.

For one, you have to understand a simple fact about WoW: You reap what you sow. Don't complain because you can't match up to someone in your bracket that has superior equipment and enchants. They WORKED for that, and in return, they have this really nice character to play BG's with and enjoy.

Now, I know you're probably thinking, "How can he say worked for that? He probably has some leet level 70 that can farm 50g an hour, that's not working!"

Well, the fact of the matter, is my highest level character is a 31 rogue. Yes, only 31, and I have I STILL have a twink. So before you go preaching unfairness, do you call it unfair to go out and grind for hours on end to get the money for twinking? No. That's hard work.