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Breakfast Topic: Outlands at 58? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2007 8:58AM Personally i think the Outlands would be a little difficult for a fresh 58 warrior in ZF and Mara blues and assorted greens. With just over 4k health, sporting pathetic armour and non-existent DPS, the Outlands could prove to be a little much. I will qualify the statement by saying that my warrior was 60 and fully epic'd out when TBC arrived, so i can't quite say for certain its too hard.

Myself, i'd bring a fresh 58 warrior to the Outlands simply because the experience is great, and the quest rewards and random drops there blow away anything a young warrior could get in Azeroth (Never allowed a 58 warrior to tank ZG, MC, AQ, BWL or Naxx before). No group will take a 58 warrior with no tanking gear as a main tank even the ramparts, but i'd expect a lvl58 warrior to level to 60 and acquire some decent greens in good time, assuming he has a friend or two to quest with.