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Want to win a 60d gamecard? Caption This! {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 9:29AM Well, he may not be more than one bite, but at least he's an appetizer!

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 18th 2007 5:33PM Nothing quite like a day at the beach with a cute chick!

Why do fist weapons get so little love? {WoW}

Sep 4th 2007 3:30PM I know hunters aren't supposed to melee, but there's just something satisfying about beating the tar out of something with your fist weapons because your pet lost aggro!

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 8:13PM No. I will NOT pull your finger again!

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2007 9:32AM "First the Hokey Pokey, I'll bet the Chicken Dance is next!"

Caption This! [Updated] {WoW}

Jul 9th 2007 5:35PM #110, you used my name in vain!

LFM, ZF, Need healer, NOW!

Of corpse running and you {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 9:52AM I've always called that an RRD loop. Run, Rez, Die, loop. I've found myself doing that sometimes when I'm trying to solo a yellow or orange quest. :)

Religion in Azeroth: Why God is Alliance {WoW}

Jun 27th 2007 6:13PM I'm really sorry this thread took the turn that it did. Too many people take comments WAY too seriously. Everyone has their own personal belief system. I'm not going to force mine on anyone else. I guess that makes me different.

However, I will say this. God is "For the Horde." And I have the documentation to support my assertion.

In Numbers 22:4 (yes, I'm going to quote scripture. Where else would I get my supporting documentation!) it says, speaking of the Israelites: The Moabites said to the elders of Midian, "This horde is going to lick up everything around us, as an ox licks up the grass of the field." If God supported the Israelites, and they were referred to as a horde, doesn't that mean that God is for the Horde?

My $0.02

Breakfast Topic: What's in a name? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2007 2:26PM I guess my favorite is my Gnome warrior . . . Garden. He's the Guild master for "Lolli pop", a not-so subtle Wizard of Oz reference. But I do have a Tauren hunter I named Unstoppa. The bull is implied.