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"You guys suck at this game" {WoW}

Feb 13th 2007 9:23AM those of you complaining about how he runs his own guild. cut the crap. i dont care if you think its wrong or any of that shinanigans. thats why his guild is the best PVE guild out there, and thats why your guild isnt. you know you couldnt put up with seb's crap, and you know you wouldnt be good enough for his guild. so, lay it to rest. those people who subject themselves to his reign of power (haha) here on doomhammer, understand full and well what that means. they have experienced it 1st hand, and you know what. IT WORKS! look at where it has brought them. for those of you who dont want to have their ass busted when they screw up, get over it, and go play with your dolls. and those who dont want to sacrifice the chance of having fun (as some of you are thinking right now), just remember you wont be good enough for something that high end in this game. IMO, jugg rocks, and obviously they are doing something right. may not be how we all think of running it, but its still working amazingly well. no arguement.