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How much moderation do the forums need? {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 4:39AM Out of sheer curiosity, I stopped in over at WoW's Off-Topic forums today. I read an interesting post I've seen before. The last time I saw the same one was when Blizzard had the pedophile problem.

The post asked who actually played the game. When I left there were 3 pages of responses that all said they did not. They either flipped the account and still retained the password (sold it) or they admitted they were using a friend's account to post.

Now it seems to me you have a problem here and the worst offenders are people who aren't even paying to play the game. They are posting for the sake of self-indulgence at best or at worst, intentional agendas.

Blizzard also had the same problem when another group demanded that the word transvestite and transgender be taken off the bad-word filter. They even went so far as to contact the ACLU, to no avail as far as I know. The interesting part about that story, because I followed that one LMAO, was that all the characters I looked up who were making all the demands, hadn't logged into the game for 6 months to a year and had the worst gear imaginable. These were people who were pretending to be players but were only there for a political agenda.

I'm sure Blizzard could have figured this out through their own means some time ago, but I thought it was interesting to point out that everytime I see a problem like this, and this is the third, the people instigating the verbal wars really have no interest whatsoever in World of Warcraft.

Think about it, Blizzard. Time to clean house. You're being had.

How much moderation do the forums need? {WoW}

Jan 31st 2008 11:07AM Blizzard asks for trouble. They never moderated those boards the way they should have been, but beyond that, look at the way it's set up where any character from your account can troll. It's asking for it, imo.

Take Everquest for example. You sign in with ONE name and that's the only one you'll be using to post with for all posterity. There's none of this hide-behind-an-alt and let it all hang out the way Blizzard has it. That just encourages the problem and makes matters worse.

When you have to stand by one name and that's the reputation that will follow you forever in the game, you might think twice before you post that "buttsex" stupidity you thought was so funny yesterday.

Blizzard deserves everything they're getting with the backlash. They brought it on themselves. They hired a bunch of incompetent moderators, way too young to know what they are doing by way of experience and made it so that if you could spell good, that was enough.

Obviously it came back to bite them. Oh and the girl from that site now claims her account has been banned for speaking about it on the WoW forums. This article needs a sequel. I'd like to know why she was banned for posting about this problem.

Good article, thanks!

Defense wins all but one Alterac Valley node {WoW}

Dec 4th 2007 1:16PM Gloatful or not, the article is indicative of Alliance in AV.

I've played both Horde and Alliance. The truth is that Alliance makes fun of any leadership offering while Horde does what they are told.

If I had a gold for everytime I begged Alliance to come help defend SH only to watch every one of them ride past it, completely ignoring anyone who opted to defend, I'd be game-rich right now.

The funniest part about Alliance is when they claim they are defending while being called out for mods which see them as AFK, such as CattleProd and TuringTest addons, which auto-report leechers. How can you be defending when none of you actually defend? Maybe your problem is all the excuses Alliance uses for going AFK? You certainly have an animosity towards any type of defense strategy at all.

Another thing I noticed is most of the loudmouth protestors in your groups do the least amount of anything. I honestly believe they think by being so vocal that no one notices the lack of contribution they've actually given the raid. The ones who argue with those pointing out AFKers are the actual AFkers themselves. Those cretins hope for a loss as quick as possible and the rest of you follow along like sheep to the slaughter.

AV is a high definition battle. It requires defense. If you're not there for it, don't even bother going. And if you're not going to actually DO something about your AFK problem, don't cry about the losses. You deserve it!

To the rest of the Alliance that tries in vain to rectify the situation, I do feel sorry for you.

Win Trading: Cheating for the top Arena spots {WoW}

Nov 27th 2007 9:50AM This game is getting worse and worse. On the EU boards, the GM threatens to ban the people petitioning about cheaters and deletes the proof of the Win Trading posts.

On the US boards, the GMs opt to say nothing at all and the cheaters take that as their cue to rub it in the noses of non-cheaters.

It started with the afkers in the BGs. When the cheaters saw nothing being done about that, it was only a matter of time until they carried over their habits in big numbers to the arenas.

Seems the players care more about the game then the people who own it do. But for how long is the question? How long do people actually put up with it before they resign themselves to spare themselves the frustration and quit for a game that holds itself to higher standards?

More balances coming to AV {WoW}

Oct 28th 2007 6:33PM There's something else that's new in anti-afk mods that seems promising even after these AV changes.

BATTLEGROUND LEECHER REPORTER gathers data of possible afk'ers and lets you decide who to report. -

BG REPORTER seems to do the same as the above -

CATTLEPROD auto-reports afk'ers instead of manually from a list like the 2 above. It has different modes for the various BGs. -

SNITCH is one of the older mods based on ticket reporting. It hasn't been updated since the new report feature but bears mentioning in case the author ever decides to update it. -

Pick your choice of revenge.

Polls arrive at WoW forums {WoW}

Oct 8th 2007 7:01PM It's kinda stupid since most people can't stand reading their forums. I know I quit playing for a week after reading it one day, then another week after reading it again. I'm on my third week this time. I hate that place. It annoys me more then my mother-in-law! And there's nothing worse then sitting down for dinner and hearing my wife go off about what she read there today.

I don't think those polls are going to mean a damn thing since the people that frequent the forums regularly enough to participate in polls, are nuts.

New Blue poster Timbal (not Tseric's replacement) {WoW}

Oct 8th 2007 6:49PM You need moderation in that place. But I don't see how you can moderate what's going on in General while the stupidity still lingers on in Customer Service.

Has anyone ever read that CS forum? Anything you post for help with, they can't help you anyway. All they do is have a bunch of regulars in there ready to harpoon the first person with a complaint about anything. It's either you're not supposed to be asking for that type of assistance there or it's a bunch of goons clicking refresh every 10 secs waiting for the next victim to pick on who messed up.

Where did they get that Syndri from too? She showed up in January. She is the biggest smartass Blizz ever employed. She makes Tseric look GOOD. She flirts with that Thunderwulf idiot everyone hates while "/sipping" her make-believe coffee all day long. They harp on cake and pie like fat pigs all day long and everything else is locked or deleted.

You expect us to have respect for moderation when you have that type of idiocy going on in there? Look at the example some of those moderators bring to the table. Look at the double-standard being set when the fanboi can flame to his heart's content while the person with a problem is banned or deleted. It's f'ing unbelievable. Some of those mods are on an ego trip and allow their player-henchman to be the worst offenders. It's their fault. Blizzard has no one to blame but themselves by employing people like those blues. They're hypocrites and most people know it and refuse to post there because of it.

No more links on the forums? {WoW}

Sep 9th 2007 5:20AM Part of the problem is Blizzard themselves and their horrendous, cesspool forums to begin with.

When a customer sees pages upon pages of an obvious keylogger being posted, goes to the CS forums to alert someone and is met by nothing but swine players (CSF/MVP wannabe GMs) telling them to get out of their playground and use the biohazard button, there's half your problem.

Today I read the most ridiculous thread where Thunderwulf (ex-MVP of Blizzard) ripped posters apart one by one for posting inappropriate threads in the CS Forum while the keylogger went on a multi-page rampage, unscathed.

In Thunderwulf's view, it was more important to berate the customer for deviating from forum rules. What is ironic is that he deviates from the same rules on a daily basis, but thinks nothing of his own shortcomings.

To make matters worse, he constantly sucks up to the Blues, giving an air to everyone else as if there is behind the scenes special treatment going on that puts him outside having to obey the same rules he shoves down everyone else's throat.

In the meantime, the players are walking away in disgust, some even quitting, while the keyloggers are having free reign to do as they please while the customer gets slammed for trying to help.

I've never seen anything like it in my life, but until Blizzard gets a handle on their priorities and starts banning these people who constantly harrass players on the CS forums, more and more are going to start getting the impression Customer Service is synonymous with abuse and double-standards.

Thunderwulf is awful with the public. He has no patience for reality and insists the forums be run on a military regime level (rules of which, he doesn't have to adhere to) with no common sense factored into it at all.

When you have guys like this running your forums for you, it's no wonder you have the problems you do. And Blizzard tolerates it. By saying nothing to this guy at all, they essentially condone it and attract more just like him.

Today I've returned to LoTRO where this nonsense is not tolerated and my efforts at reporting concerns are appreciated.

Leave the guild, take the loot {WoW}

Jul 24th 2007 10:24AM Lori wrote: "The rationale was that they need the money and mats to equip whoever they deceided need upgrades. They never disclosed who got what upgrades. I asked the GM a few times if I could use DKP to buy mats from the guild bank but never got an answer."

You won't get an answer either. Guild banks are the biggest non-bannable scam going since EQ1. EQ2 encouraged it further by adding the ability to direct-deposit the stuff, giving the guild leader the ability to actually let you put stuff in and not let you take anything out, including what you put in!

When you give a stranger (and that's what they are anyway, strangers) blind trust like that, expect to be ripped off. He will use it for himself and his friends. You won't see any of it. In ANY guild I've been in, in any game, I've never seen a guild act fairly with banks; greed taking over every time.

What galls me is now these very same greedy, bossy, people have the audacity to complain that you spent your DKP points that YOU earned before you left their sorry guild.

Never put anything in a guild bank and if the guild demands taking raid loot for that purpose, get what you came for and look for greener pastures the first chance you get, without an ounce of guilt.

Leave the guild, take the loot {WoW}

Jul 24th 2007 10:10AM It boils down to this: If you don't pay that player's $15 a month to play, you don't have anything to say about it.

Obviously he didn't like your guild enough to stay. However, he put in the time and effort to get his "pay"/dkp and you have no right to say he's not entitled to it. That's the reason you put that type of system in place.

I really can't stand the way some players in this game think they own other people. I've seen guilds, just because they created a guild, telling people constantly how it's going to be. It's absolutely no wonder why the person /gquit. I don't blame them.

Maybe some of you in these bossy guilds should rethink your attitudes and maybe the players wouldn't want to get away from you so badly. You don't own anyone. You don't pay their bills. You don't put in their time. So shut up about what they do with what they earned. You're not entitled to open your mouth.