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Pachter: West, Zampella have no chance of getting Modern Warfare rights {Joystiq}

Apr 6th 2011 12:25PM It's good to see that Michael Pachter is qualified to give his opinions about law too. Filthy blowhard!

Deus Ex, System Shock designer Doug Church joins Valve {Joystiq}

Mar 16th 2011 8:18PM Great, now we'll never see any games out of him. Sad day.

Study: Guitar Hero III has more groupies than Rock Band {Joystiq}

Oct 25th 2007 5:00PM I think that once the gaming populace gets their hand on both titles, they will realize that Rock Band is the better title. Guitar Hero 3 feels like a whack-a-mole game compared to the music creation/stage performance sim that is Rock Band.

Guitar Hero 3 will have better sales out the gate, but by February you will see Rock Band take over.

Forum Post of the Day: Your favorite boss quote {WoW}

Jun 12th 2007 3:32PM I love the two-headed ogre boss in the Shattered Halls, his lines are priceless.

"I'm Hungry!"
"You're always hungry, that's why we so fat!"

Breakfast topic: Race/class combinations you wish you could be {WoW}

Feb 20th 2007 11:58AM Human Hunter all the way. :)

Breakfast Topic: Most annoying mob in The Burning Crusade {WoW}

Feb 14th 2007 1:08PM "Mutate Fleshlashers in the Botanica (or as we refer to it - the Satanica). Non-elite, hit cloth wearers for 2000, unable to be CC'd unable to be feared - and the mobs that come with them summon more."

Actually you can use a freezing trap on the Fleshlashers in the Satanica, but I think that is it. I hate them too.

As for my most hated mob I would have to say the Durnholde Sentrys in Epic Durholde Keep. Having to CC them before the combat starts is a serious pain. But less of a pain then the mobs they summon. I don't like being hit for 4k non-crit white damage. :(