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The Lawbringer: Privacy talk, rockets, and auction houses {WoW}

Apr 1st 2011 7:38PM THAT SAID, if a friend of yours thinks signing up for a new wow account for 3 months and incurring all of the related costs, in return for you giving them 10,000 gold is a good idea, I don't actually see any legal or liscense issue there. The only transactions actually taking place are a purchase of a new account from blizzard, directly, by an individual, and a one way transfer of gold from you to an individual. There's no actual exchange of gold for currency - or gor that matter for anything other than having them type your email address in a form.

It might violate the spirit of the rule, but it's basically impossible for it to violate the letter.

Just don't deal with the guys in /2.

The Lawbringer: Privacy talk, rockets, and auction houses {WoW}

Apr 1st 2011 7:33PM The rocket spammers are actually laundering stolen credit cards.

You give them gold. They make an account with a stolen CC. They then sell the gold and have cash.

Often, what happens is the stolen CC gets a chargeback, the RAF account gets banned/cancelled, and you get your rocket mount removed and your account retroactively charged for the free gametime you got for the referral.

Also, my iPhone tried to autocorrect gametime to handguns. This feels appropriate.

Encrypted Text: Deftly handling your dual-spec rogue {WoW}

Mar 30th 2011 5:00PM Pyro:

Agility is good. It isn't *that* good. For Mut, it's about twice as good as Mastery. It's about 2 and a quarter times better than Mastery for combat, and a bit less than twice the value of haste.

So, for the Agi enchant to be the better choice, it would have to offer AT LEAST half as much Agi as the new enchants do Haste/Mastery etc. It doesn't. If it was 30 Agi, it might be an interesting question (Mastery would still win, but it'd be close). At 20 Agi, it's simply not enough.

Encrypted Text: Deftly handling your dual-spec rogue {WoW}

Mar 30th 2011 9:40AM Mastery is actually pretty good for Combat after the buffs to Main-Gauche in 4.0.6. While it's true that you'd rather have Expertise, or Haste, in general, as Combat, you're going to be struggling to stay under the spell hit cap, so Hit isn't as desirable as it might first seem, which leaves you with Mastery.

More to the point, in general, Combat 'gets more' out of it's best stats than Mut does. In general, Mastery provides about as much DPS per point for Combat as it does for Assassination - the thing is that for Assassination, there isn't anything better than Mastery, and for Combat, there is.

As for the Glove enchant: Basically, the problem is this. There is a 65 Mastery enchant for gloves. The only other options are 50 Haste and 50 Expertise. Haste is better than Mastery, but not by enough to make 50 anything better than, at best, a break even with 65 Mastery. Meanwhile, using 65 Mastery means you can use the same gloves for both specs, which is a huge win, since the T11 set gloves are unquestionably BIS for both.

Encrypted Text: Deftly handling your dual-spec rogue {WoW}

Mar 30th 2011 9:13AM "Unfortunately for us, combat and assassination have very different stat valuations. It's not really possible to gear for both at the same time without weakening both."

This isn't really as true as it seems on the surface - at least, once you've been raiding for a while and are able to suit up in mostly epics. In short, both specs want 4 pc T10, and there's generally only one good option for most other slots for either spec *anyway*. Gemming Agi/Haste instead of Agi/Mastery is a .5 DPS per/gem DPS loss as Mut, and is optimal for Combat, and both specs use the same enchants, as you noted.

At the end of the day, gearing for both Combat and Mutilate means keeping a second weapon, and, if you're really OCD about min/maxing and Al'Akir hasn't dropped an awesome 'Of the Zephyr' pair of pants for you (they don't exist!), possibly a 5th piece of Tier 10 and a Cho'gall offset helm to go along with the Toxitron shoulders to be 'BIS' for both specs.

Not only is Agility sufficiently strong to move the gear needs together, but Expertise and Hit capping via Reforging is easy, and realistically, Mutilate and Combat both like most of the same gear mainly because priority 1 in Itemization is 'Crit Is Bad'.

Encrypted Text: Steal these rogue tips {WoW}

Mar 24th 2011 12:05AM Yeah, 'passive damage' is a red herring. Most rogue DPS is about managing a variety of buffs and DPS that increase that 'passive' damage. Roughly half to two thirds of that 'passive' damage goes away once you stop keeping up Slice and Dice, Rupture, and Envenom.

All of which require you to Mutilate for Combo Points, etc. etc. etc.

Encrypted Text: Steal these rogue tips {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2011 11:57PM There's no reason to use Tricks on your tank outside of the pull. (or on engage with a new target if he's tanking an add, as it spawns.) The boost to threat fades after 30 seconds, and at that point, if he's not holding threat on his own, you won't be helping much.

What you SHOULD be doing though, is after that initial Tricks on the tank, is either trading Tricks with another Rogue on CD every CD for the DPS boost, or using it on the highest DPS in the raid (that's in range and not having threat issues - i.e. the Fury Warrior can do without it), for the raid DPS gain, which is considerable.

Encrypted Text: Steal these rogue tips {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2011 11:52PM Alternately, Pyro was looking at Heroic Cho'gall, not Nef, in which case, lots of mages are cheesing the fight by stacking Corruption to 100%, and then chaining defensive cooldowns through the fight so as to not need healing, while chaincasting instant, double damage Pyroblasts.

Encrypted Text: Steal these rogue tips {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2011 11:28PM If I had to guess, he was looking at Heroic Nef logs from before the change to Stolen Power, when it applied it's effect to the single next spell after breaking the MC - which meant that you wanted to cast your single highest damage per cast spell coming out of the MC. (This is why Paragon stacked 11 Ferals for the world first, because Rip had the highest Dmg/cast of any ability in the game other than Bane of Doom and Deep Freeze, both of which were hardcoded not to work with Stolen Power.)

Hardcasting Pyro on Nef now, after the change to Stolen Power (affects all dmg done over an 18 second duration), is a Very Bad Idea.

The OverAchiever: First look at Glory of the Cataclysm Hero {WoW}

Jan 13th 2011 3:31PM Actually, you *can* prevent Rajh from using *some* abilities that expend focus. More specifically, two of them, Summon Sun Orb and Inferno Leap, are both interruptible with a cast time, and focus isn't expended until he actually completes a cast. Whether he chooses to expend his focus on those, or on the sadly instant Sun Strike is the RNG element of the fight. And of course, whether your party members with interrupt buttons use them properly and don't all blow them on the first cast, thus letting the next one through.