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Buyer's Guide: 33 things you don't need if you have an iPhone {}

Nov 19th 2009 5:28PM What about the OS X Dashboard? I disabled it years ago and have never missed it, my iPhone does everything I ever used it for.

Mac 101: Running the Apple Hardware Test software {}

Aug 1st 2008 11:21AM Has anyone ever seen AHT report an error? I've watched it pass machines that could barely run and ended up having defective RAM or motherboards.

AppleTV update 2.0.2 {}

Apr 14th 2008 6:21PM I didn't notice the 1080p option before, but apparently it was there in at least 2.01. I bought mine after the take2 release, and there was no 1080p when I set it up. Update is installing now, not expecting much but happy about newfound pixels!

3 ways to get things done with your iPhone {}

Jan 7th 2008 12:19AM All I want at Macworld is to finally get iPhone Notes to sync with Leopard's Notes. And a To Do application that integrates with Leopard's system To Do system.

Ok, that's not nearly all, but I really wish either of those were visible in the leaked 1.1.3 videos.

Forbes guesses wildly at Macworld {}

Dec 14th 2007 9:41AM I don't think we'll see an iPhone hardware update, but I do expect a major point update to the iPhone OS. Leopard's To Dos and Notes have languished too long already, Notes is already there and those two blank spots on Springboard are itching for a To Do app. I'd be surprised if we see new iPhones before March, but we might get a preview of the iPhone SDK, WWDC is too long to wait.

MacBook Pros will likely see a hardware update, and it's very likely we'll see some sort of NAND-based, solid-state mini-MBP.

Mostly though, I just want Leopard to work better.

Opaque Leopard menubar solved {}

Nov 16th 2007 9:42AM Great! Now onto restoring sub-pixel text rendering.

iMapIdle simulates push email on the iPhone {}

Nov 7th 2007 6:28PM iPhone has supported IMAP Idle from day one, but only on wifi connections.

Widescreen Plugin for Leopard Mail brings 2-line preview {}

Nov 7th 2007 1:56PM Works fine for me, but the two-line preview sort of defeats the purpose.

Widescreen mail helps me because it lets me see more messages. In a casual comparison with my current mail window I see 20 messages with the vertically split view, 21 messages with the two-line view, and 44 messages with the previous WidescreenMailPlugin I see 44 messages.

Two line previews don't really get me anything except the same info in a different layout. Single-line messages let me manage a bigger load of email simultaneously.

Either way though, I'm glad to have the widescreen option.

Gmail flips the switch on IMAP support {}

Oct 23rd 2007 11:17PM What I really, really want is GMail as an IMAP client. When they enable that, it will be the end of spam as we know it.

iWPhone: WordPress plugin renders for iPhone {}

Oct 13th 2007 1:49PM There are two WP iPhone Admin plugins currently in development:

Mobile Admin by Jared Bangs and Dan Cameron.

WPhone by Stephane Daury, Doug Stewart, and Viper007Bond

Having tried both, I've found Mobile Admin to be more polished and bug-free. WPhone, while closer to how I imagine WP should work on iPhone, is hampered by several rendering bugs and chunky transitions. Both plugins have a ways to go, but either one is an improvement over the un-plugged dashboard.