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Ask WoW Insider: Are BoE drops still worth selling on the AH? {WoW}

Apr 6th 2007 5:19PM I just sold a green 2h axe for 25g and a blue leather helm for 33g and a green 1h axe for 15g on my AH the only BoE item that i have put on the AH that hasnt sold well is a green wand with not very good stats. I guess my server love to buy anything that is better than what they have instead of waiting for a better reward item. I call them Impulse shoppers :)

Breakfast topic: Famous and infamous {WoW}

Mar 26th 2007 3:24PM On my server ursin-A we have a pretty famous person for his great PvP movies, Happyminti, but other than that it is just in server fame, i think Happyminti is the only one known to ppl outside the server.

Date and WoW? The Digg crowd doesn't believe you. {WoW}

Mar 16th 2007 4:17PM This whole thing about ppl that play WoW can not possibly have a girlfriend is rediculous. I have a fiance that has been with me for about a year of playing, as i can't get her to play she still is there. I could see this possibly being true with other MMO's but WoW makes it possible to solo the whole thing so that puts you in control of your playing time which means you have control to get off and spend time with you girlfriend when you choose. This is just sterotypical of the ppl that are hardcore gamers that spend all of their time trying to get the best gear and to try to be the best player or guild on their respective server. But that is not the case for all ppl so it really angers me when ppl say things like that.

Ask WoW Insider: What makes a WoW hero? {WoW}

Feb 16th 2007 5:56PM If you want to become well known in your community create a horde rogue lvl to 70 and spend all your time at menethil harbor ganking everyone. you will piss a lot of ppl off and will stand out in your community