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Poor leadership kills BattleGround teams {WoW}

Feb 14th 2006 3:10PM Controlling the midfield, it seems to me, is pretty key in WSG. having more than one player stay behind to guard the flag is bad strategy compared to having all (or 9 of 10) players at midfield. Here's my rationale: The opposing team will almost always split their forces in two, allowing you to crush their offense, of, say 5, and then crush their defense of, say, 5. Then an easy, even if one or two people "sneak" by your midfield zerg and grab the flag, it's not much of a problem to intercept them midfield. On my server, I play in the 20-19 bracket and have won around 90% of the games I've played.... but I'm horde and that's to be expected. :)

In fact, most of the games I've lost were because too many people were shouting too many orders and some punk starts going: "YOU SUCK! OMG!" that's the mark of death for any team.