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Hands off those shoulders, Arena loser {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2007 1:48PM .. I don't really see what the complaint is about. The shoulders are 1/5 pieces, and not having them isn't going to make or break your gear set. And, they really are the most obvious piece of gear you can wear. Look around and see how many hunters and warriors are sporting T5 lookalike shoulders. Now, if you see the T6 lookalike, you'll actually know they are either good at arena's, or into BT/Hyjal. Instead of every player and their mother sporting a set.

Hallowe'en every day of the year - no thanks! {WoW}

Sep 13th 2007 8:13PM
I personally would love that idea. Nothing worse that hating to wear an item that is a tremendous upgrade, but looks absolutely hideous. Not everybody loves all designs. Have you seen the druid's or mage's T6? Who wants to look like a totem pole or a neon tower? Especially compared to the relative coolness of the previous Tiers. And there are probably folk that think the T6 are great, but each to their own, which is what that feature would allow.

As for the pvp, as one poster said, turn it off for pvp (bgs and arena) or who cares. Serious pvp'rs may, but I for one don't change tactics just cuz i see the warrior in Arena 2 vs Arena 1 etc. Sure I know he's going to hurt more, but that's about it. And mainly, it's the shoulders (and somewhat helms - if shown) that give it away. If they were in all Arena 1 except for the shoulders, you'd have to be really paying attention to notice the difference.

Breakfast topic: Race/class combinations you wish you could be {WoW}

Feb 20th 2007 1:04PM Undead Paladins for sure.
But I would rather see Dwarf Shamans, no need to add more Night Elves to the population :-)

Other than that, would love to have Orc or Tauren priests.