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WoW Insider's Cataclysm Launch Giveaway: GeForce GTX 470 graphics card {WoW}

Dec 8th 2010 12:49AM Putting my hand in for an awesome card.

Breakfast Topic: A few of your favorite things {WoW}

Jun 7th 2010 10:28PM Either way, as many items that drop off of the Lich King, they should have given more items a more unique design.

I don't care if the models were used and heroics and they became sparkly in comparison. When it comes down to the Icecrown Epics when you walk by a random badass raider, it doesn't catch your eye. Most of the gear is opaque compared to tiers of the past (T6, T2, etc). You see it and you're like "he looks like Joe Schmo A who got his Triumph Gear"

Gear in the last two expansions has lost its originality, along with every other item in the game. Everything has been so homogenized that even Tier Gear is starting to all look like the same regurgitated BS.

While I tend to have Blizz's side, I hope that in lue of this design shortage they have been focusing on this expansion they are actually attempting to make Cataclysm the proverbial game changer. At his point, this game could have been digested by a cow and spit up onto the ground: Looks the same, feels the same, is the same, but with a different color in the facade.

Arcane Brilliance: Love letters {WoW}

May 29th 2010 2:18PM Poor Archmage Pants!

You're a better man than me, leveling that horrid Warlock.

I made a warlock one. And got him ported to Shat. And jumped off the elevator repeatedly, hoping that eventually he would stay dead. When I realized it wouldn't happen, I logged out while a ghost.

To this day, I click on his name plate on the login screen just to see a dead Warlock. Real ID preview and FAQ {WoW}

May 5th 2010 3:48PM The thing I don't like is that I won't be able to add friend from Cross-Realm LFD without Real ID Information. I don't know, was hoping that for those few random pugs and exceptional players I run across, I might have a way of getting back with them eventually. Oh well.

Win a pony from {WoW}

Apr 15th 2010 7:44PM WoW.Com promised me a pony!

Arcane Brilliance: A lament for Frostfire {WoW}

Mar 20th 2010 4:53PM Yeah, I love FFB. Actually, sadly enough my Primary Spec is still FFB though I havn't used it since like... the first week of Ulduar.

One of the many failings of the Frostfire Spec is the same problem with regular Fire: DPS is too dependent on RNG. With Arcane you're ramping up your damage and choosing how hard to hit, though even that has lost it's luster with all of the mana (30k+) and accompanying regen mages get in current tiers of gear (with of course the changes to mana usage on Arcane Blast helping things tremendously).

Sad thing is, both Fire and Frostfire Builds are too random and subject to bad luck period. All too often you will go from doing 12k (critting 6 times in a row) to 3k just because you can't get two crits in a row.

I do miss the 'elementist' build and I have it there in case they happen to bring it back.

One Nice change, though for Frost, is they will be able to use Frostfire Bolt for Brain Freeze procs, which should nicely increase their DPS since Fireball just doesn't get any major enhancements out of the spec.

However, I do wonder how a deep-ice elementalist (even with an internal cooldown to avoid double proccing) might play, and if it might become more competitive in either PVP or PVE. Just thinking it might be an alternative to TTW. All that matters is if you can really go deep enough into the fire tree to make up a 12% damage increase.

Anyways, I've rambled long enough. Just wondering if I could start any conversation about this.

The Light and How to Swing It: Ret tips from the healer {WoW}

Mar 17th 2010 8:35PM I agree with the dispel thing, just one more thought... if you can't spare a dispel for someone else (if you have tunnel vision or something), at least dispel yourself. It's one less head a healer has to deal with.

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Priests {WoW}

Feb 21st 2010 7:49PM One serious point about this though is that they have removed the 5% cap on the spellpower increase.

Let's assume currently that a mage has 20k health. That amounts to 1000 spellpower max assuming that the mage took that much damage and it was mitigated. For that to peak out the mage would have to take 6666 damage, or a third of their total hit points and all of it would have to be absorbed by a PW:Shield or other shield.

Now, my mage last I checked throws out a 2kish Mana Shield. Probably costs closer to 4-5k mana to get all of 300 Spellpower Increase for all of 10 seconds. Might get 3k out of an elemental shield (fire or ice), but all in all, no mage is going to pay that much in mana for 300 spellpower. In fact, they might as well remove incanter's absorption from the Arcane Tree at that point. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is the synergy that a mage would have with shielding classes, not their own self damage absorption capabilties.

TL;DR: If they go through with this, they might as well remove Incanter's Absorption.

Patch 3.3 PTR: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 6:42AM Agreed.

LoH getting nerfed is one thing, effectively decimating a potential for a tanking cooldown to be used because another Pally used their LoH panic button is another.

I say make Divine Protection not proc or be stopped by forbearance, and disable it in BGs and Arena. Or just revert the change and disable LoH in BGs or Arena. We all know that's the reason they're nerfing it. OMG a 15-20 Minute Cooldown that heals the pally to 100%! Gotta stop that!

Patch 3.3 PTR: Patch notes updated {WoW}

Nov 4th 2009 6:28AM Yeah, cuz, you know, we can use LoH 50x during a BG or something.

I understand to a point that yeah, LoH needed some balancing, but sheesh. It's got a 15 minute cooldown, so yeah, you'd get a 'reset' from it once per BG. Maybe.

Honestly, LoH proccing Forbearance is a little overkill unless they made Divine Protection:

a. Not usable in Battleground or Arena.
b. Not be affected by or proc Forbearance.

The simple fact that a PVP nerf is potentially obliterating one of the PVE tanking Paladins key Cooldowns is fairly unacceptable. All it takes is a Holy Pally casting LoH on you as an OH SH** reaction to completely screw you over for two minutes.