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Nokia's 8GB N95 photographed in the wild {Engadget Mobile}

Jul 11th 2007 12:20AM I find it odd that the first image has "Nokia N95" in black on the top left of the phone where the other 2 have "Nokia N95 8GB" in whit on the top left of the phone... At least one of these images is a clear fake.

WoW Rookie: Vendor Trash, the Auction House, and You. [Update] {WoW}

Oct 8th 2006 11:43PM I think the best thing you could get for Selling items on the AH is Auctioneer.

Not only does it give you good prices for selling items on the AH, it tells you what items go for at the vendor so you don't pass over those cruddy looking grays that would sell for 1G+

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: let's start with a Zune {Engadget}

Sep 19th 2006 11:47PM The best things in life are free, so I guess the Zune truelly is better than the iPod.

"Ralph Wiggum" by The Bloodhound Gang

Zenum's Opus Operis Pocket PC in November? {Engadget Mobile}

Sep 19th 2006 1:00AM Sorry for the errors in the above post. Should be target at #14 not #4. And I'm sure I don't need to point out the other spelling errors.

Zenum's Opus Operis Pocket PC in November? {Engadget Mobile}

Sep 19th 2006 12:58AM @Brian C - Post #4

Yes, I'd absolutely love the feature, but I wouldn't conside a device DOA because they don't offer those features. With any luck the lack of these features will reduce the price of the phone, I mean, whats the point of paying for these features if you can not use them? I live in one of the larger regional cities in Australia, but unfortunately the 3G network in Australia doesn't have a large coverage. EVDO is available to me, but the cost is way too hight for anyone to justify.

A nice looking Pocket PC Phone that has WiFi suits me perfectly, and I doubt I'm alone on this.

Zenum's Opus Operis Pocket PC in November? {Engadget Mobile}

Sep 18th 2006 10:07PM @Roopesh Sheth - Post #3

I presume you've been using the same World Map as Sony, because you seem to have forgotten that there's life outside of America.

This phone looks amazing and hopefully it is legitemate. As an Australian I will be purchasing this phone the second it comes out.

Poll: Did you get a DS Lite yesterday? {Joystiq Nintendo}

Jun 12th 2006 7:28PM What about the "I actually got mine on June 1st as I'm an Australian/New Zealander." option?

Oh sorry, thats right, Australia and New Zealand don't exist do they, must be a figmant of my imagination.

Nintendo urges Australia to train brains {Joystiq Nintendo}

May 30th 2006 10:11PM Yup, Blue is as painful to say here as it appears to be anywhere, pitty.
And Big Ed, WTF? I've heard most of the bad jokes/stereotypes... but toads?
Also, there's no such thing as a shrimp in Australia... we call them Prawns.

Day 7 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways {Engadget Mobile}

Feb 19th 2006 4:05PM I really do hope this is based on a random number system, because it would be unfair to anyone in a different timezone if it were not.

Anyway, keep giving out those phones, and keep giving us that news. Good work guys.

Day 6 of Engadget Mobile's 30 days of cellphone giveaways {Engadget Mobile}

Feb 18th 2006 8:56PM Free phone? Sounds good to me.
Don't suppose you can gift wrap it, that way I can be all that extra suprised :)