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WoW Meets Nintendo: Make your group stand out with transmogrification {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 5:11PM I love the Samus idea. I'm definitely going to have to do that, unfortunately it's for my Paladin so no ranged weapon.

Massively's Cities XL beta key giveaway: Round Two {Massively}

Jul 7th 2009 5:05PM Interested in seeing how this whole thing plays out, and enjoying having a place of my own to build and show off to my friends.

Enter to win some loot cards from and {WoW}

Jul 4th 2009 4:18PM Bottle rockets. They're fun to shoot at friends.

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King giveaway {WoW}

Apr 14th 2009 10:12AM BOOK R GUD

The Daily Quest: Dave Arneson rolls a 20 {WoW}

Apr 10th 2009 9:20AM That is sat .... he was a teacher of mine at Full Sail ... R.I.P.

A random pet macro for your noncombat buddies {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 9:14AM Damn, beaten to the punch.

A random pet macro for your noncombat buddies {WoW}

Mar 25th 2009 9:13AM To take this one step further, there is a fancy addon out there called Livestock ( This addon lets you pick favorite non-combat pets, pets that you don't like (but collected due to the achievements), and even lets you pull one out when you start moving (to assure that you have a pet out at all times).

Most of these features even work for your mounts, too, so you can have one macro to mount you appropriately no matter where you are (Dalaran, outland/northrend, etc...).

This is a very nifty addon that I mainly started using because my random pet macro would pull out 5 different owls, 5 different cats, etc... and with this addon I can tell it not to summon those pets. The random mounting business is cool, too ;)

Time is Money: Farming in Storm Peaks {WoW}

Mar 16th 2009 8:54PM Agreed. You're stealing information and not giving credit where credit is due and you are helping to ruin it for people who do the research and finding themselves.

Patch 3.1 PTR build 9658 Death Knight changes {WoW}

Mar 6th 2009 7:09PM The DC glyph isn't a nerf. Pretty much the only time DC is cast is when you have a spare GCD and are sitting on RP to dump. If you are casting DC and have runes up, you are likely doing something wrong, so you will only ever hit it maybe once or twice then continue your normal rotation. A smaller amount of RP doesn't mean you cast it more often while waiting for your runes to come up. It's a pretty nice damage buff, especially for Blood's new Sudden Doom.