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Vashj attunement scrolls now available on PTR {WoW}

May 21st 2007 11:51AM Ok am I missing something, but in order to kill vashj to get that scroll, does one not need to enter SSC? And in order to enter SSC does one not need to be attuned already? So what's the point in having a BOP item which will attune you to SSC drop for 25 raiders who are already in (and therefore attuned to) SSC?

BigRedKitty: Five of the top ten things every class should know about hunters {WoW}

May 16th 2007 2:27PM Why don't all the other classes get official fanboys with their own recurring column? Huntards FTL still and always.

No, I didn't read the OP.

Breakfast topic: Are you respeccing in 2.1.0? {WoW}

May 15th 2007 2:26PM Oh no, I jumped the gun and respecced back to stunlock last night only without the imp sap in anticipation of the patch and a desire to do more PVP.

Now I'm imp sapless for at least a week. It's ok though I don't rely on it too much for PVP and have been doing most of my PVE on my priest lately

Breakfast Topic: What's your realm's motto? {WoW}

May 13th 2007 2:39PM Uther nubs FTW!

Arena titles revealed {WoW}

May 13th 2007 1:59PM @1 scarab gong is way more elite than being in the top .5 percent of arena teams imo.

I read the story of the first guy to ever do that on Medivh server he was like a celebrity. He initiated an event that was being prepared for for weeks, attracted hundreds of players, and made a permanent change in the world (opened up the new instances).

I think that getting titles for excellent raid progression would work but only if they implimented some decay like they did with the old PVP system, like you kill Illidan and everyone in your raid gets the title "ruler of outland" for a week.

I also think you should get PVE titles from monumental achievements, like downing raid bosses as opposed to being in the top .5% advanced guilds. The whole percentile thing is competitive in nature, which goes hand in hand with PVP. PVE on the other hand is all about team work and achieving great things together, like downing raid bosses. So reward the best PVE players for their PVE style achievements.

Know Your Lore Special: Tales of Kalimdor {WoW}

May 10th 2007 7:52PM Hahahaha @1, 5 1/2 kitty turds out of 6 kitty turds, what were you looking at the litter box when you typed that??

I like this post though, very informative.

Know your lore FTW!

BlizzCon back for 2007! {WoW}

May 8th 2007 11:33AM Well i guess that's what a get for being a hater.

But the one with the kid is not going to be there, due to the kid, so that right there raises the virgin to non-virgin ratio.

And you are probably right being seen in costume in public is probably indicative of self-security, but I would still be embarassed being there with them, if that is a character flaw on my part so be it.

Happy gnome appreciation day! {WoW}

May 7th 2007 6:59PM SPAZ Aww arent you cute with your little imagination.

Jeffrey Dahmer had a freezer in his basement too.

You really do need help, and apparently you are an experienced killer. Thank god for the anonymity of the internet otherwise I'd be terrified of having any dialogue with you whatsoever.

Turn yourself in please, or at least get some anonymous counseling.

Happy gnome appreciation day! {WoW}

May 7th 2007 4:45PM @6... ZOMG! you do need help!

Either you have been watching too many horror movies or are a serial killer, sounds like you enjoyed writing that a little too much.

Besides this is supposed to be gnome appreciation day WTF?! It's ok tho really, gnomes don't need the support of the other classes, we're fine. Imagine an undead or tauren putting up with the riducule we tolerate every day? Yea right! They'd all quit!

Gnomes have the best /lol and the best /cry in the came.

Officers' Quarters: A brand new column about guild leadership {WoW}

May 7th 2007 12:16PM @1, Me too, i'm a follower. I would love to be a GL, but it requires plenty of free time not only to play but to maintain the guild website, organize events, mediate disputes, and so on. That much free time I do not have. So, if I dont have the time to do it right, i'm not going to do it at all.

DKP is a system for determining who gets what epic loots in a raid, instead of leaving it up to the dice. You show up for a raid, get DKP (dragon kill points), and spend those DKP to get the loots. I'm sure if you look around on things like google and wowwiki you could get a much better explanation than I would be able to give.