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Voting requirements for the AFK debuff {WoW}

Sep 7th 2007 9:49AM Actually I was in PTR AV and successfully reported some players. It's very easy to do and if there are more of them at once place, you can report "all of the above". There is always time when you can report - for example while waiting on gy to rez. Also I actually even saw a new addon for 2.2 that will look out for potential leechers and provide easy quick way to report them.

Breakfast Topic: You're the shaman now dog! {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2007 10:49AM Well... The most obvious thing are their totems. I love tremory totem, being a tank, and various others, like the one with insane amount of agility - love it as feral druid. I like their healing, chain heal is yummy. But as tanking with them as dps... dunno if it was just the shammies I was with but they always seem to get aggro off me even if they are last in dps from other dps classes. Maybe it's in talents or big crits. But when I see a dps shaman I always groan a little inside.. thank god for their mail armor, they can take a hit if anything happens :)

Nihilum meets Kael'thas, finds new Legendary {WoW}

Apr 28th 2007 5:10AM Whoa, if you go on the Nihilum site, you can see other Legendary weapons they added.
When I saw the druid one I got tears in my eyes
Staff of Disintegration
+75 sta, +50 int,
Equip: +75 spell critical rating, +325 damage and healing, furking +1125 AP (my feral heart swooned) in feral and moonkin forms
Use: mental shield on friend within 30 yd granting immunity to stun, silence and disorienting effects
Too bad I'll never get this for my furry behind :(

Around Azeroth: The twilight grove {WoW}

Feb 25th 2007 12:03PM Heh, reminded me, when I was in Azshara and recently got me a quest reward: "Mechanical Yeti" - a 10 minutes lasting lvl 58 summonable creatue (3 charges). If you did the quest you will remember those over-zealous creatures attacking anything that could be of any danger to you.

Well I was killing elite giants for Giant Silver Veins (quest from BRD) and then I saw this huge dragon coming by - you guessed it, it was Azuregos (outdoor raid boss) I was mesmerised at first and then I wanted to high-tail out of there when I realised he was yellow (not hostile) to me. So I let him come closer to me to get a better look when I noticed my Mechanical Yeti scramed in rage (well maybe buzzed in rage) and dissapeared in bushes. I was kinda shocked at first not comprehending the situation. Then I put two and two together, switched to my travel form and begun to run away - alas too late. Last thing I remember I was two hitted by enraged ?? huge dragon.

The most horrible thing probably was, when some lower lvl human mage came to look at the (dead) fool trying to solo outdoor raid boss. I was really ashamed, lol, and really glad he was gone by the time I returned from my GY run. I guess only thing that would be worse would be accidentally "pulling" the Azuregos by TAB+Faerie Fire "misclick" that happened to me few times when my fingers get ahead of my brain when pulling new monsters in my grinding spree ;))

--Sojka, 60 tauren druid on Wildhammer