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Encrypted Text: How PoisonSwapper shaped rogues forever {WoW}

Nov 11th 2011 5:49PM The previous tier, being BWD and BoT rarely coughed up the much needed offhand faster weapon. I would go in week after week and see nothing but intellect daggers drop. Smash cut to the Firelands, and now I have seen many a dagger drop, both main and offhand which sends out a rash of complaints from the rest of the raid. To be honest, it is getting a little ridiculous now to see gear drop each week that is only being consumed for offspec use, but I am not going to complain as I like the trend in rogue drop rates rising. Still, might only be my server. Thanks for the posts!

Encrypted Text: Troubleshooting rogue DPS {WoW}

Aug 11th 2011 9:04PM I really liked this article and it showed me I really am going in the right direction. Uptime/positioning/and what abilities to use are paramount to successful dps as well as survivability. Anyone who thinks that any class type has lost its viability either does not know the class, or has just seen those who are still learning their class.

Whether its interrupting/stopping an enrage/applying tricks/disarming traps/stunning/ or just burning down a boss or mob, a rogue has not lost its viability, not to mention all those elementium lockboxes that need opening when there isn't a blacksmith to be found.

Keep the posts coming!

Rouge is a color, not a character class.

Kedrin of Hydraxis

iPods rock the Space Shuttle {}

Mar 17th 2008 10:33PM Who says that the iPod wouldn't go 3G?

What class can't you play? {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 2:29AM The first character I ever played was a rogue, and at times he can be frustrating to play. A rogue needs a good healer in a support position to keep dealing damage or else he is dead meat. I even know there must be some macros out there for rogues to deal combo damage and do different things faster than I can punch the keys. He is at level 70 now and the way to keep a rogue alive is to stock plenty of vanishing powder and use sprint when necessary.

Using a warrior now I find it frustrating at times that I cannot stealth, wish that I could because there are times when he grabs too much aggro.

JiveTalk offers nice IM for iPhone {}

Jul 9th 2007 11:17PM I wonder if they use any sounds in the app that are sampled from the BeeGees song.

Survivor: Cook Islands: Premiere {AOL TV}

Sep 18th 2006 9:34AM I can't help but agree concerning the whole social experiment being on the audience. I just don't see what all the fuss is about. The segregation of the races puts all the races on equal footing: something that previous segregation did not do. Sure they paid lip service then to "Separate but equal" but this time around it is "separate but equally miserable."

Secondly, unlike segregation of the past: you can leave the game at any time. And when was the last time that segregation led to the possibility of winning a million dollars?

Karma is a Bizzle fo Shizzle. As far as chickens go: all is fair in Survivor. If only they had put "Flicka" which reminds me of the name of a movie about a horse, under a box for the duration.

A media company seemingly lacking a business model? Maybe Apple should buy it... {}

Aug 23rd 2006 12:00PM It has been said that the existence of the iTunes music store is mainly to sell iPods. That being said: how could buying YouTube sell iPods? How does Youtube videos look on an iPod? Could Apple foot the bill for the bandwidth and still have a huge profit margin? Would Youtube then become iTube?

What would you do for a Mac? {}

Aug 18th 2005 5:00AM I wouldn't wait in line for a super cheap mac that is for sure. first of all most of us mac users probably don't value price as the top reason to buy a mac, if we did we would go PC. Those who do buy cheap macs seem to be switchers who are looking to get a mac, but previously could not afford it. Why they would hobble themselves by buying a mac from four years ago is beyond me though. I have the g3 iBook 500 mhz and have had it for probably three years now and although its still a good machine, it is a bit on the slow side. That being said, I would rather buy a mac online via ebay, or a refurbisher. If I bought a mac at a setting like presented in Henrico county, I would try to make sure that the way the event was organized would be a level playing field for everyone. AKA a lottery. Hand out tickets for the 1000 iBooks. Then begin calling out numbers through some sort of random selection.