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Gruul's hurtful strike bugged again {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 9:47PM wouldnt it be easier to have a warlock stay second on the list? searing pain generates tons of threat

Breakfast Topic: What's your realm's motto? {WoW}

May 13th 2007 9:22AM Vashj EU: Crashj

The challenge of twinking out a healer {WoW}

May 1st 2007 3:04PM its no new concept... ever since twinks have been around, twink healers have been with them. They are (obviously) much more useful in situations where its twink on twink, such as a premade group from a twink guild in a battleground.

The class you pick for your twink healer seriously depends on the bracket. At level 19, the highest paladin heal rank is learnt at level 14 which makes any healing done seriously gimped. A priest or shaman at 19, however, are able to dish out some sick healing.

example priest twink healer profile i threw together: (+229 healing)

Conversely, at level 39 a priest does not make such a great twink healer. The spells ranks are not nearly as important and ofcourse you now have some talents to play with but in general a 39 priest gets munched pretty hard, especially with the "keel the priest he will heal" attitude many players still seem to have.

I have a level 39 twink paladin who's sole job is to be an invincible rock who can dish out some sick healing. With 2700hp, 3000 mana and +300 healing his dps is gimped beyond reckoning but he'll go for ages spamming heals even when jumped by 2 or 3 rogues.

As regards whether they are fun to play... its a personal thing. I really enjoy combat healing in a battleground, having half the opposing faction chase you because your healing their target and being able to survive for over 5 minutes while a mage and warlock attempt to nuke you down.

PTR notes: tier 6 stats {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 6:38PM @2 - you worry about your spell crit on a shadowpriest... the pve lock tier gives 120 spell crit.... even more than the mage (who actually might find it remotely useful) where the majority of warlocks dps is (like the shadowpriest) not-crittable

Collect the whole set! {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 4:25PM when i hit 70 on my druid i intend to go back to scholo/strat/ubrs/lbrs etc... and gather all of the tier 0 gear purely for looks (all the cloth and leather anyway). Tauren in dreadmist looks fekin cool...

Twink changes in 2.1.0 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 11:44AM even if you have the fishing hat equipped before the patch it will go red on your hcaracter (similar to having 0 durability) and you will gain no bonuses from the hat (just the looks)

WoW Moviewatch: Paladinypse Now {WoW}

Mar 24th 2007 12:50PM this can be easily done with a warlock using voidwalker and seed of corruption on 3 or 4 mobs ;)

Breakfast Topic: Favorite things {WoW}

Mar 18th 2007 7:06PM I often find i enjoy *not* playing the game more than i do playing it. I'm heavily into twinking (no... not because i can kill nothing on my main (even though there may be some truth in it)) but because i love pushing the game to the limits. I enjoy researching which quests can and cant be done by a *9 level character, how much agility it is possible for a hunter at *9 to have maximum etc... This said, it wouldnt be the same without my ingame friends. Thrasing the same-looking computer graphic over and over again isnt my idea of fun, but throw in 5 guys who make you laugh consatntly while doing so and its sudenly my favourite way to kill time. The social aspect of the game is by far its greatest feature (i could do maths on my own but it wouldnt be as fun). I enjoy theorycrafting in general too though, hell... i even spent an hour compiling conditional probability formulae for shaman dual-wield dps when they had the whole fiasco about WF5/WF4 on different hands... all this and i've never leveld a shaman past 13 ^^

social aspect, dynamic content and theorycrafting keep me hooked on this game and i bet its what keeps one hell of alot of others hooked too.


Breakfast topic: I never knew that {WoW}

Mar 14th 2007 2:53PM i've got 2 really nabby things... i only found out last week that when a hunter or warlock pet takes damage ( e.g. voidwalker ) the warlock/hunter loses durability on HIS items. and im a fekin warlock and i never noticed.

the other is taht i leveld 2 characters all the way to 60 and never set foot in blasted lands once, kinda forgot it existed untill BC came out.

oh and a third i've just remembered, my level 39 paladin has the majority of the flightpaths around azeroth but didnt have ironforge lol.

Burning Crusade tops the 3.5 million mark {WoW}

Mar 7th 2007 6:35PM im guessing its actually more like a 50% noob increase since alot of the players who play already are not infact noobs. perhaps u meant a 6.25% player increase, of whom all will be noobs!

yay noob calculations ftw!